No Australian city has a long-term vision for living sustainably. We can't go on like this

Sat, 9 Nov 2019 06:13:16 +1100

Andrew Pam <xanni [at]>

Andrew Pam

"No Australian city has a long-term vision showing how a future
stabilised population might be supported with the essential resources of
food, water and energy. No Australian city has faced up to the
inevitable social tensions of increasing inequality between a
well-served inner-urban elite and an increasingly under-resourced urban

Leaders in cities that have not grown as rapidly, such as Adelaide,
lament their failure to grow like Sydney and Melbourne, despite all the
associated problems. All implicitly believe unlimited growth is possible.

In reality, the expanding ecological footprints of the large cities have
created unsustainable demands on land to support urban dwellers.

And the wastes the cities produce are straining the capacity of the
environment to handle these.

Given the many unpriced flow-on effects from dense urban growth and
market-led development, governments are struggling to deal with the
undesirable consequences."

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