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‘Greed is amoral’: how Wall Street supermen cashed in on pandemic misery and chaos
4 Pandemic Responses That Changed Life for the Better
A condition called POTS rose after covid, but patients can’t find care
A COVID inquiry has been announced. But is COVID still a thing? Do I need a booster?
‘A death sentence’: More than 600 people die after catching COVID in hospital
A global wastewater surveillance program could have stopped the spread of COVID-19, Northeastern researcher says
A letter to my loved ones about COVID-19: You've moved on, but I'm still here
A next-generation intranasal trivalent MMS vaccine induces durable and broad protection against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern
A silver lining from the pandemic: how lockdowns helped kids learn the languages their parents speak
A single COVID-19 pandemic or multiple SARS pandemics?
A social and medical examination of Long COVID as a “mass disabling event”: Part 1
Advantages and challenges of anti-Covid nasal vaccination: the promises of a French approach
After 3 years of Covid, CNN went into rural China for Lunar New Year. Here’s what we found and how officials tried stopping us
AMA president warns of ‘more illness, more loss of life’ from Covid as cases rise
An interview with Arijit Chakravarty on ending of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: Part 1
Analysis: EU’s CO2 emissions fall 5% in three months after post-Covid surge
Another COVID winter is coming. Is this the calm before another peak?
Anthony Fauci on Australia’s COVID response, AI and the next pandemic
Antimicrobial Resistance Is Growing because of COVID
Are repeat COVID infections dangerous? What the science says
Are We Ready for the Long COVID Long-Haul?
Atagi expected to update advice on fifth dose of Covid vaccine within weeks
Australia is on track to have easily double the local death toll of Spanish Flu, with Covid
Australian governments have kept much of their COVID research and modelling secret. Why?
Australia’s drug regulator received two hoax reports of children dying from Covid vaccines
BA.2.86 shows just how risky slacking off on COVID monitoring is
Biden Hands the Covid Response to the Private Market, Endangering Us All
Billionaires at Davos don't think COVID is a cold
Bird flu FAQ: What is avian influenza? How is it transmitted to humans? What are the symptoms? Are there effective treatments and vaccines? Will H5N1 become the next viral pandemic?
Can ‘voluntourism’ outgrow the white saviour stereotype and make a positive change post-pandemic?
Carmakers Can Kiss Pre-Pandemic Combustion Car Sales Goodbye
Catching COVID may increase chances of developing an autoimmune disease, study says
CDC greenlights two updated COVID-19 vaccines, but how will they fare against the latest variants? 5 questions answered
Changing Australia’s approach to managing COVID-19 pandemic may help reduce burden on health system
Childhood immunization begins recovery after COVID-19 backslide
China could face a catastrophic COVID surge as it lifts restrictions – here’s how it might play out
China faces a new Covid wave that could peak at 65 million cases a week
China is pumping out carbon emissions as if COVID never happened. That’s bad news for the climate crisis
China's 'batwoman' scientist warns another coronavirus outbreak is 'highly likely'
China’s COVID cases may have hit 900 million. What’s headed our way?
China's Covid Testing Booths Get Second Life as Libraries and Food Stalls
Chinese protests are about more than COVID – student discontent has fuelled the biggest movement since Tiananmen Square
Cleaning Up Pollution Could Help Prevent The Next 'Silent Pandemic'
Column: These ‘experts’ sold the U.S. on a disastrous COVID plan, and never paid a professional price
Common diabetes drug metformin could protect against long COVID
The Coronavirus Still Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings
Costly invite? Scientists hit with massive bills after speaking at COVID-19 ‘webinars’
The costly lesson from COVID: why elimination should be the default global strategy for future pandemics
Could gut fungi be linked to severe COVID? What to make of new research findings
Covid backlash hobbles public health and future pandemic response
COVID complacency as virus becomes third most deadly
Covid deaths are on the rise again, so what happens? Mask-wearing in hospitals is scrapped
COVID exploits our year of living dangerously
Covid has left thousands of US children orphans. Few states are addressing the crisis
COVID hasn’t taught the world how to beat the next deadly virus
Covid is evolving – but the UK is not doing enough to evolve with it
COVID levels are so high, they’re hovering near 2020’s initial peak, as the WHO urges those at high risk to take any booster they can get their hands on
COVID nasal sprays may one day prevent and treat infection. Here’s where the science is up to
Covid numbers increase across Australia in alarming sign before winter
COVID orphans face grief and poverty as world moves on
COVID proved the therapeutic potential of RNA technology – making it more available is the next goal
COVID remains a global emergency, the World Health Organization says, but we’re at a transition point. What does this mean?
COVID: what we know about new omicron variant BF.7
COVID-19 - Current Situation
Covid-19: Australia’s future policies will be evidence led after “profound impact” of latest wave, says minister
COVID-19 cases in Australia were up 35 per cent in March
COVID-19 Fueled Record-Breaking Investments in Global Health
COVID-19 is over? Says WHO?
Covid-19 vaccines saved an estimated 20m lives during their first year
Dad appalled Uber Eats driver working while sick with Covid
DataViz of Australian COVID-19 Vaccinations and other related statistics
Democracy Sausage: Does Australia need a new COVID-19 strategy?
Descriptive norms caused increases in mask wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic
Desperate festivals sector pleads for weather insurance, as $22m Covid fund proves redundant
The Dutch Recession, The End of American Pandemic Savings, and Why One House Survived the Hawaii Fires
The EG.5 COVID variant is spiking in the U.S. Is it time to mask up?
Eight in 10 people in China caught Covid since early December, say officials
Experts call for comprehensive mitigation strategy for Covid-19, RSV & influenza – Expert Reaction
Factory farms of disease: how industrial chicken production is breeding the next pandemic
Flu, COVID-19 jabs encouraged before a ‘triple pandemic’ arrives
Flu or COVID? You can now test for both at home with a single swab. Here’s what you need to know
From diagnosis to services and support: how Australia’s long COVID response is falling short
The Future of Long COVID
G20 scientists urge pandemic preparedness and climate action: 4 steps countries can take following Bali summit
Game-Changing COVID-19 Nasal Vaccine Passes Initial Tests
Getting COVID-19 Multiple Times Is Risky for Your Health
The government giving up on COVID protections means throwing immunocompromised people to the wolves
GPs vaccination efforts 'vital' to curbing COVID hospital admissions
Half a million Australians could soon be experiencing long COVID. So what do we know, and what support is available?
Haven’t had COVID or a vaccine dose in the past six months? Consider getting a booster
Help End the Long COVID Crisis (U.S. Letter)
Here's 150+ Sources on Covid to Share with Everyone You Know
Here’s who decides cause of death, how death certificates work – and whether a person died with or of COVID
Hollywood Pretends There Is No Pandemic
Homeless numbers have jumped since COVID housing efforts ended – and the problem is spreading beyond the big cities
How common are severe side effects from COVID vaccines? And how are they detected?
How COVID lockdowns triggered changes in peregrine falcon diets – and what this means for urban pest control
How do pandemics begin? There's a new theory — and a new strategy to thwart them
How evasive and transmissible is the newest omicron offshoot, BA.2.86, that causes COVID-19? 4 questions answered
How governments are (still) failing the public on COVID control
How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About Covid
Huge, FREE covid safety resource list
Hundreds die of COVID after catching virus while in hospital
‘I was wrong’: how Covid conspiracies became a gateway to extreme views
Immediate action is needed to reduce Hospital Acquired COVID-19 Infections and deaths
In Cleveland and beyond researchers begin to unravel the mystery of long COVID-19
Indoor air is full of flu and COVID viruses. Will countries clean it up?
Intellectual property waiver for COVID vaccines should be expanded to include treatments and tests
Is there a fundamental problem with the definition of long COVID?
‘It was all for nothing’: Chinese count cost of Xi’s snap decision to let Covid rip
It’s been 3 years since COVID entered New Zealand – here are 3 ways to improve our response
The ‘kraken’ COVID variant XBB.1.5 is rising quickly in the US – here’s what it could mean for the UK
The Last Of Coronavirus
Lives saved by public health restrictions over the Victorian COVID-19 Delta variant epidemic wave, Aug-Nov 2021
Long COVID: 3 years in
Long COVID could be caused by the virus lingering in the body. Here’s what the science says
Long covid debuts on ME/CFS registry
Long Covid disabled them. Then they met a ‘broken’ Social Security disability process
Long Covid experts most worried about younger demographic
Long covid has derailed my life. Make no mistake: It could yours, too.
Long COVID Has Never Been Taken Seriously. Here’s Where It Left Us
Long COVID has some weird symptoms. Face blindness may be one them.
Long COVID Is Being Erased—Again
Long COVID is devastating and far from rare. As infections rise again, why are we still ignoring it?
Long Covid Is Real. Now the Evidence Is Piling Up.
Long Covid may be ‘the next public health disaster’ — with a $3.7 trillion economic impact rivaling the Great Recession
The long Covid nightmare is far from over, especially for women of color
Long COVID Persists as a Mass Disabling Event
Long COVID puts some people at higher risk of heart disease – they need better long-term monitoring
Long COVID research pledge prompts push to consider mystery links to other illness
Long COVID symptoms can improve, but their resolution is slow and imperfect
Long covid: the doctors’ lives destroyed by an illness they caught while doing their jobs
Long COVID: The health and economic impacts in Australia
Mary-Louise McLaws, renowned epidemiologist who helped guide Australia through the pandemic, dies aged 70 from brain tumour
Millions of people have long COVID brain fog — and there's a shortage of answers
More proof COVID is a multi-system cluster bomb
More than a third of COVID survivors in Italy had persistent symptoms at 2 years
New boosters add limited protection against Covid-19 illness, first real-world study shows
New Zealand's Covid-19 response saved 20,000 lives - research
Newfound antibodies neutralize all COVID variants, other viruses
Next Big Thing: Communicating the next pandemic
‘No one is talking about it’: the cruelty of long Covid in the global south
No time for vaccine complacency as COVID and flu cases soar
Nobel-nominated vaccine expert warns of Covid complacency: ‘We’re still losing too many lives’
North Korea: fears of a new famine after three years of COVID isolation and harsh repression
NYC Has Left People With Long COVID Behind
NZ’s evidence-based response to COVID has saved lives – we could do better when it comes to other major diseases
Opinion: Long COVID is debilitating to me and 65 million other people. Where is the urgency to treat it?
Our health system is like a ‘worn pair of shorts’. This latest COVID wave will stretch it even thinner
Our model suggests that global deaths remain 5% above pre-covid forecasts
Over half of eligible aged care residents are yet to receive their COVID booster. And winter is coming
The Pandemic As Spectacle
The Pandemic Is Over. What Does That Even Mean?
The pandemic’s true death toll
Parliamentary inquiry hears of impacts of long Covid
Paxlovid ‘last drug in the cupboard’ for Covid as variants in Australia evade other treatments
Plagues, poisons and magical thinking – how COVID lab leak hysteria could be straight from the Middle Ages
Political support for surveillance of Covid waning in Australia despite ‘waves of mutations’, scientists say
Post-Covid, post-bankruptcy Hertz is all-in on electric, with big implications for the EV, auto and rideshare market
Press Release: Long COVID Awareness Day Campaign
Prof Danny Altmann: the burden of long COVID
Protests against strict COVID-zero policy are sweeping China. It’s anyone’s guess what happens now
Real-time environmental surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 aerosols
Removing antimicrobial resistance from the WHO’s ‘pandemic treaty’ will leave humanity extremely vulnerable to future pandemics
Repeat COVID-19 infections increase risk of organ failure, death
Researchers discover that COVID-19 can cause brain cells to fuse
Rethinking COVID hegemony
Running Cover for Death: Pandemic Minimizers Normalize an Inhumane Baseline
SARS-CoV-2 airborne infection probability estimated by using indoor carbon dioxide
SARS-CoV-2 infection triggers pro-atherogenic inflammatory responses in human coronary vessels
Scientists Are Decoding Long Covid Immunology
Scientists whose work enabled mRNA Covid vaccine win medicine Nobel prize
Similar long-COVID symptoms noted after Omicron, Delta
Six common COVID myths busted by a virologist and a public health expert
Stop tossing your spent vapes and e-cigs: you’re breeding a new waste pandemic
Study: 1 in 6 kids have persistent COVID symptoms for 3 months after infection
Study mapping how SARS-CoV-2 disrupts mitochondria suggests a cause for long Covid
Study shows dogs can detect COVID-19 faster, better than most PCR tests
Taranaki healthcare staff volunteer to help colleagues with Long Covid
Ten COVID Facts Health Officials Dangerously Downplay
Tess Finch Lee: Children are not immune to Covid, so we must pull out all the stops to protect them
Theater never recovered from COVID — and now change is no longer a choice
There are still good reasons to avoid catching COVID again – for one, your risk of long COVID goes up each time
This scarily detailed Witcher 3 mod forces Geralt to fight a new foe: long Covid
Thousands more Australians died in 2022 than expected. COVID was behind the majority of them
Three passengers with Covid on board cruise ship grounded off Greenland
Three years into the pandemic, it’s clear COVID won’t fix itself. Here’s what we need to focus on next
Three Years Later, Covid-19 Is Still a Health Threat. Journalism Needs to Reflect That
Twitter lifted its ban on COVID misinformation – research shows this is a grave risk to public health
Ultraviolet light and indoor air disinfection to fight pandemics: A technology long overdue
Understanding Long Covid
The unfinished business of COVID-19 vaccination
Use of antiviral may be fuelling evolution of Covid, scientists say
UW study finds tie between inflammation and long COVID symptoms
Vaccine hesitancy is one of the greatest threats to global health – and the pandemic has made it worse
Ventilation reduces the risk of COVID. So why are we still ignoring it?
VIDEO: Is the current public health strategy for dealing with COVID working?
Wage theft has reached pandemic proportions, so why hasn’t the Albanese government criminalised it?
Wait goes on for effective long Covid treatments
We are all playing Covid roulette. Without clean air, the next infection could permanently disable you
We are in denial about the huge consequences of long COVID on Canadians’ health
We can learn a lot about long COVID from years of diagnosing and treating chronic fatigue syndrome
We got some key things wrong about long COVID. Here are 5 things we’ve learnt
We Need an Operation Warp Speed for Long COVID
We need to talk about covid and pets
We Now Face an Army of COVID Viruses
‘Weak’ political leadership putting Australians at risk of long Covid unknowns, AMA says
We’re entering a new phase of COVID, where we each have to assess and mitigate our own risk. But how?
We’re in another COVID wave. But it’s not like the others
We’re Still Getting Our Pandemic Preparation Horribly Wrong
What are these ‘cancer vaccines’ I’m hearing about? And what similarities do they share with COVID vaccines?
What COVID has taught us about sharing our emotions – and why now’s a good time to share again
What do we know about long COVID in kids? And what do I do if I think my child has it?
What happens in our body when we encounter and fight off a virus like the flu, SARS-CoV-2 or RSV?
What is POTS? And how is it related to long COVID?
What is spillover? Bird flu outbreak underscores need for early detection to prevent the next big pandemic
What long COVID taught me: How to help a friend with chronic illness
What Not to Ask Me About My Long COVID
What SARS-CoV-2 Does to the Body (2nd Edition, July 2023)
What the Fight Against HIV Can Teach Us About Surviving the COVID Era
What to Do if You Have COVID: short version
What will Australia's fourth year of the COVID-19 pandemic look like?
The WHO has declared Eris a ‘variant of interest’. How is it different from other Omicron variants?
WHO head ‘very concerned’ about COVID deaths as emergency declaration call looms
WHO warns Covid-19 pandemic still volatile
WHO’s Top Covid Expert Warns of Gaping Holes in Virus Fight
Why cleaning the invisible in restaurants is important during COVID-19: A case study of indoor air quality of an open-kitchen restaurant
Why more needs to be done to reduce COVID-19 transmission in health and aged care settings
With COVID on the rise again, here are some simple steps to help us socialise safely during the holidays
Yes, masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID, despite a review saying they don’t
Yes, the Chinese protests are about politics and freedom. But they are also about what COVID might do if it is let loose now
You May Be Early, but You're Not Wrong: A Covid Reading List
You’ve heard of long COVID, but did you know there might also be a long cold?
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