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Jacinda Ardern resignation has people wondering when to quit – but that’s the wrong way to think about burnout
13,000 People From the Niger Delta Just Sued Shell for Years of Oil Spills
70 years ago, an Anglo-US coup condemned Iran to decades of oppression – but now the people are fighting back
A B.C. study gave 50 homeless people $7,500 each. Here's what they spent it on.
A Canadian study gave $7,500 to homeless people. Here’s how they spent it.
‘A death sentence’: More than 600 people die after catching COVID in hospital
A Fight for Salmon Fishing Rights Connects Indigenous Peoples Across the Pacific Ocean
A successful energy transition depends on managing when people use power. So how do we make demand more flexible?
‘A symbol of what humans shouldn’t be doing’: the new world of octopus farming
A US state shelved my book – yet all I was doing was trying to help people live their lives
A user's guide for the people API
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people must be at the centre, not the margins, of LGBTQIA+ plans and policies
Aboriginal people have spent centuries building in the Darling River. Now there are plans to demolish these important structures
After 14 years of advocacy, the DRC president finally signs new Indigenous peoples law
AI systems have learned how to deceive humans. What does that mean for our future?
Albania’s brain drain: why so many young people are leaving and how to get them to stay
An Incredible Thing Happens When Dolphins And Humans Team Up
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in NZ’s wild cockles and watercress put people at growing risk of serious illness
AOC rips into GOP for inciting violence against trans people
Arctic Report Card 2022: The Arctic is getting rainier and seasons are shifting, with broad disturbances for people, ecosystems and wildlife
As The Social Media Moral Panic Continues, People Keep Highlighting How Much Value It Actually Provides
Australian government urged to ‘stop playing with people’s lives’ as people returned to detention
Australia’s air pollution hotspots hit disadvantaged people harder
Autistic people often feel they’re ‘doing love wrong’ – but there’s another side of the story
Beyond Juukan Gorge: how First Nations people are taking charge of clean energy projects on their land
‘Biblical proportions’: 3 months’ worth of rainfall floods Nova Scotia, forcing evacuations as crews search for missing people
Big W has withdrawn Welcome to Sex from its stores to protect staff – but teen sex education can keep young people safe
Bird flu FAQ: What is avian influenza? How is it transmitted to humans? What are the symptoms? Are there effective treatments and vaccines? Will H5N1 become the next viral pandemic?
Brain Implants That Help Paralyzed People Speak Just Broke New Records
Can vaping help people quit smoking? It’s unlikely
The case for boosting JobSeeker for all: younger people report greater financial hardship
Changes to temporary protection visas are a welcome development – and they won’t encourage people smugglers
The ChatGPT chatbot is blowing people away with its writing skills. An expert explains why it’s so impressive
ChatGPT is confronting, but humans have always adapted to new technology – ask the Mesopotamians, who invented writing
China wants more people to eat potatoes – how changing national diets could help fix our global food crisis
The Chinese government claims LGBTQ+ people are protected from discrimination. Our interviews with 26 activists tell another story
Chinese people are living two years longer thanks to ‘war on pollution,’ report says
Climate-fuelled disasters: warning people is good, but stopping the disaster is best. Here are 4 possible ways to do it
Cockney and Queen’s English have all but disappeared among young people – here’s what’s replaced them
Conflict between humans and wildlife in Tanzania is being poorly managed – and climate change is making things worse
Could an afternoon nap help us cope with hotter temperatures? It’s worked for Australia’s First Nations people
Cranberry juice can prevent recurrent UTIs, but only for some people
Cuchilla del San Juan Expansion Protects Endemic Species and Benefits Thousands of Local People in Colombia
Cultural burning is safer for koalas and better for people too
Cyclone Gabrielle broke vital communication links when people needed them most – what happened and how do we fix it?
Daily aspirin doesn’t prevent strokes in older, healthy people after all
Debunking migration myths: the real reasons people move, and why most migration happens in the global south
Denver experimented with giving people $1,000 a month. It reduced homelessness and increased full-time employment, a study found.
Disabled people were Holocaust victims, too: they were excluded from German society and murdered by Nazi programs
‘Discriminatory impact on First Nations people’: coroner calls for urgent bail reform in Veronica Nelson inquest
Don’t “Get” People to Do Anything
Don't replace your people with ChatGPT or other AI services
The earliest humans swam 100,000 years ago, but swimming remains a privileged pastime
‘Eco-friendly’ straws contain potentially toxic chemicals – posing a threat to people and wildlife
Eight in 10 people in China caught Covid since early December, say officials
Electric cars are the new solar: people will underestimate how quickly they will take off
Elon Musk Is Weaponizing Twitter Against Transgender People
The Entitlement of Privileged White People Who Flaunt Awful Grammar
Environmental disasters and climate change force people to cross borders, but they’re not recognised as refugees – they should be
EPA posts databases of pesticide harm to people, pets and wildlife for first time in agency history
EU cracks down on pollution as survey reveals people want tougher regulations on clean air
Even dynamite could not destroy the people of the Budj Bim stones
Family support protects trans young people – but their families need support too
Fatigue Can Shatter a Person
First Nations people have made a plea for ‘truth-telling’. By reckoning with its past, Australia can finally help improve our future
For Indigenous Peoples With Deep Ties to the Land, Climate Change Is Personal
For People in Prison, Career Training Begins in a Virtual World
For years, Japan tried to keep their existence a secret, but the Ainu people refuse to disappear
Forcing people to repay welfare ‘loans’ traps them in a poverty cycle – where is the policy debate about that?
Friday essay: 1 in 25 Australians have been estranged from their families. True stories about this can make people feel less alone
Friday essay: how policies favouring rich, older people make young Australians Generation F-d
From TV to TikTok, young people are exposed to gambling promotions everywhere
Germany approves self-ID to make transitioning easier for trans people after year in legal limbo
Goffin’s Cockatoos Join Humans and Chimps as Third Species Shown to Carry Toolsets for Future Tasks
Google launches Flood Hub in the U.S., which predicts when rivers will flood and warns people to evacuate
GOP is banning TikTok because young people are using it to defeat Republicans
The government giving up on COVID protections means throwing immunocompromised people to the wolves
Governments are failing to share decision-making with Indigenous people, Productivity Commission finds
The Green Jobs Boom Is Benefiting the People Who Need It Most
‘Habits of civilised life’: how one state forced Indigenous people to meet onerous conditions to obtain citizenship
Here’s who decides cause of death, how death certificates work – and whether a person died with or of COVID
Historians are learning more about how the Nazis targeted trans people
The Historical Reason The British Drive On The Left (And Why Most People Don’t)
How Ignorance of The World Gave White People a Superiority Complex
How people in 24 countries view same-sex marriage
How Queensland’s blue card system ‘disproportionately disadvantages’ Indigenous people
How superblocks can free up and improve CBD space for the people of Melbourne – a step-by-step guide
How to organize your books, according to people with thousands of them
How we collaborated in creating "The First Inventors" to celebrate extraordinary Indigenous peoples’ knowledges and technologies
How White People Stole Affirmative Action — and Ensured Its Demise
The huge fandoms of stars like Harry Styles are underestimated – but these highly creative communities can teach young people useful skills
Hull: The city set to give people the 'right to grow'
Humans Are Biased. Generative AI Is Even Worse
Humans are still hunting for aliens. Here’s how astronomers are looking for life beyond Earth
Hypertension, diabetes, stroke: they kill more people than infectious diseases and should get a Global Fund
‘I want to get bogged at a beach in my wheelchair and know people will help’. Micheline Lee on the way forward for the NDIS
‘I want to see the first African woman in space’: the Kenyan stargazer bringing astronomy to the people
If We all Made Our Living By Helping People it Would Heal the World
Imagine the outcry if factories killed as many people as wood heaters
In the 1800s, colonisers attempted to listen to First Nations people. It didn’t stop the massacres
Indigenous peoples still face effects of mass bison slaughter
Intelligence Community Feels It Might Be Time To Start Stuffing Surveillance Gear Into People’s Pants
Interview: Victory for People with Disabilities and Older Persons in Mexico
Invasive species cost humans $423bn each year and threaten world’s diversity
The Invisibility of Small-Town Homeless People
'It's amazing what people give away': The joy and savings of a buy-nothing group
‘It’s fun to cook up the stupidest idea’: the people competing to make the worst computer games possible
‘It’s soul-destroying’: how people on a housing wait list of 175,000 describe their years of waiting
‘I’ve been on the waiting list for over 20 years’: why social housing suitable for people with disabilities is desperately needed
Kathleen Folbigg is free. But people pardoned and exonerated of crimes face unique challenges when released from prison
Kids dressing up as older people is harmless fun, right? No, it’s ageist, whatever Bluey says
Labor condemned for ‘abhorrently cruel’ decision to put 100 people back in immigration detention
Landmark US Trial Rules Young People Have a Right to a Clean Environment
Large mammals shaped the evolution of humans: here’s why it happened in Africa
Last Summer Was So Hot It Killed Over 60,000 People in Europe
LGBTQ+ people are facing increasing persecution globally, but refugee status is still extremely hard to get
Libya floods: why cash is the best way to help get humanitarian aid to people affected by disasters
The long and storied history of transgender people in Australia and beyond
Long COVID puts some people at higher risk of heart disease – they need better long-term monitoring
Love it or Leave it? Study Shows How People Perceive AI-created Content
The Many Ingenious Ways People in Prison Use (Forbidden) Cell Phones
Many people feel they work in pointless, meaningless jobs, research confirms
Many people hate wasps, but they’re smarter than you might think – and ecologically important
“Mask off at the door” policies undermine our rights as disabled people
Maybe in Your Lifetime, People Will Live on the Moon and Then Mars
Millions of people have long COVID brain fog — and there's a shortage of answers
Mobile wardrobe to visit Victoria's Central Highlands to provide clothes to people hit by rising cost of living
More evidence that humans were in North America over 20,000 years ago
More than just risk: LGBTQIA+ young people use social media to sustain and make sense of family relationships
Most people already think climate change is ‘here and now’, despite what we’ve been told
Museums Are Improving Life for People With Dementia
The never-ending fallout of the northern rivers floods: ‘People are just worn down’
New Ukrainian nanotech 'cloak' can hide people from drones
Nine out of 10 people are biased against women, says ‘alarming’ UN report
‘No safe space in society’: new UN report reveals the extent of systemic racism faced by people of African descent in Australia
NYC Has Left People With Long COVID Behind
NZ aid worker remains missing in Ukraine: the tragedy of people motivated to help in war zones becoming victims themselves
One million people are living below the poverty line in NSW, census data has revealed
Online safety: what young people really think about social media, big tech regulation and adults ‘overreacting’
Opinion: Long COVID is debilitating to me and 65 million other people. Where is the urgency to treat it?
Our planet is burning in unexpected ways - here’s how we can protect people and nature
Pain of police killings ripples outward to traumatize Black people and communities across US
Peace in Ukraine doesn’t ultimately depend on Putin or Zelensky – it’s the Ukrainian people who must decide
‘People are happier in a walkable neighborhood’: the US community that banned cars
People are pretending to be ‘NPCs’ on TikTok and it’s not just weird, it’s also lucrative
People Can Be Convinced They Committed a Crime That Never Happened
People don’t mate randomly – but the flawed assumption that they do is an essential part of many studies linking genes to diseases and traits
‘People need to be riled up’: meteorologist names US heatwaves after oil and gas giants
People Search Data Brokers, Stalking, and ‘Publicly Available Information’ Carve-Outs
People Who Ban Books are Never Right
People who work from home all the time ‘cut emissions by 54%’ against those in office
People With Complete Paralysis Walk Again After Nerve Stimulation Breakthrough
People working on climate solutions are facing a big obstacle: conspiracy theories
Pets in Crisis program helps people under threat of violence keep their pets while finding safe homes
The 'phone lady' made a career out of teaching people how to speak on the phone. She's in high demand
Planning laws protect people. A poorly regulated rush to boost housing supply will cost us all
The political subjugation of First Nations peoples is no longer historical legacy
The Problem With Police Reform Is That Police Already Know It's Bad To Beat People To Death
ProPublica Exposes Even More Cop Junk Science: Using 911 Calls To Determine If People Are Lying
Pumping loud music is putting more than 1 billion young people at risk of hearing loss
Reclaiming Control: The Internet Archive Empowers People. Gatekeepers Keep Suing
Reparations over formerly enslaved people has a long history: 4 essential reads on why the idea remains unresolved
Replacing gas heating with reverse-cycle aircon leaves some people feeling cold. Why? And what’s the solution?
Rishi Sunak to launch bill to stop people arriving on small boats claiming asylum
Russian missile strike on Kharkiv postal centre kills six people, officials say
Samoa PM urges world to save Pacific people from climate crisis obliteration
Scientists Gave Homeless People $7,500, Here’s How They Spent It
Shift Happens celebrates 150 years of typewriters, keyboards, and the people who use them
Snow leopard wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award
Solar power can cut living costs, but it’s not an option for many people – they need better support
Some people think income tax is illegal. It’s pseudolaw, and it’s damaging the legal system
Space Opera Novels by Cisgender Women, Non-Binary, and Trans People
Spying, sabotage, subversion, people-smuggling: the brave women who resisted the Nazis through non-violence
Study finds 2 billion people will struggle to survive in a warming world – and these parts of Australia are most vulnerable
Sudan’s people toppled a dictator – despite the war they’re still working to bring about democratic change
Sustaining People and Place
Taking more than 5 pills a day? ‘Deprescribing’ can prevent harm – especially for older people
There were more than 38,000 entries in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award — these ones were shortlisted
These Museums Are Curated by The People They Represent
‘They treat you like an it’: people with intellectual disability on seeing medical professionals
To stop new viruses jumping across to humans, we must protect and restore bat habitat. Here’s why
Too many Māori and Asian people are drowning – can better cultural understanding reverse the trend?
Too many young people who’ve been in detention die prematurely. They deserve better
Trans people aren’t new, and neither is their oppression: a history of gender crossing in 19th-century Australia
Turkey-Syria earthquake: Assad blames west as agencies struggle to get aid to his desperate people
UN Human Rights Committee rules in favour of First Nations people
United Airlines Destroys the Life of Another Disabled Person
Washington Becomes 10th State To Give Fleeing Trans People Protection From Other States
We’ve been studying the same people for 76 years – this is what we’ve found out about Alzheimer’s disease
What does water want? Most humans seem to have forgotten
What is essentialism? And how does it shape attitudes to transgender people and sexual diversity?
What should happen to native forests when logging ends? Ask Victoria’s First Peoples
‘Why didn’t we know?’ is no excuse. Non-Indigenous Australians must listen to the difficult historical truths told by First Nations people
Why restoring long-distance passenger rail makes sense in New Zealand – for people and the climate
Why Society Hates Creative People (And What To Do About It)
Why We Forget That Most People Are Good
Wild bird feeding surged worldwide during lockdowns. That’s good for people, but not necessarily for the birds
Wild Elephants Appear to Have Been Domesticated, But Not by Humans
Wild Elephants Seem to Have Been Domesticated, But Not by Humans
Will AI tech like ChatGPT improve inclusion for people with communication disability?
With so many people speaking ‘their truth’, how do we know what the truth really is?
Word games, wit and the pleasure of annoying people: a daughter’s memoir sheds new light on the notoriously private John Clarke
Working from home has worked for people with disability. The back-to-the-office push could wind back gains
X repeatedly told us that users who posted “Hitler was right” and urged a “final solution” for Jewish people didn't break “our safety policies”
You’ve got a friend: young people help each other with their mental health for 3.5 hours every week
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