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It’s time to end Western Australia’s $4 billion-per-year GST bonus
10 times this year the Webb telescope blew us away with new images of our stunning universe
10 Years of iFixit Europe
10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki
The 10-year-old super-collector of bottles and cans set to cash in
13,000 People From the Niger Delta Just Sued Shell for Years of Oil Spills
16 States Made It Harder To Vote This Year. But 26 Made It Easier.
18,065 km rail routes electrified in six years from 2014 to 2020
20 years after the publication of ‘Purple Hibiscus,’ a generation of African writers have followed in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s footsteps
20 years after U.S. invasion, young Iraqis see signs of hope
20 years ago, vast bushfires razed Canberra’s suburbs – and bushfire science was never the same
20 years of Maputo Protocol: A success story for women's rights in Africa
20 years on, George W. Bush’s promise of democracy in Iraq and Middle East falls short
2,000-year-old arch in Caesarea aqueduct collapses; official: ‘We sounded the alarm’
2022: Australia’s year of living forgetfully
2022 was a good year for nature in Australia – but three nasty problems remain
2022 wasn’t the year of Cleopatra – so why was she the most viewed page on Wikipedia?
THE 2022 WINNERS - Travel Photographer of the Year
30 years of the web down under: how Australians made the early internet their own
30 years of winning love by daylight: why audiences are still obsessed with Sailor Moon
3,200 deaths a year: 1 of many reasons air pollution in Australia demands urgent national action
3.3 million US adults displaced by natural disasters in past year – survey
50 years ago: Henry Kissinger and the death of democracy in Chile
6 reasons 2023 could be a very good year for climate action
7 years, billions of kilometres, a handful of dust: NASA just brought back the largest-ever asteroid sample
70 years after the first ascent of Everest, the impact of mass mountaineering must be confronted
70 years ago, an Anglo-US coup condemned Iran to decades of oppression – but now the people are fighting back
8-Year-Old Artist Surprises Aunt With Painted Portrait That Earned Finalist Spot in an Art Competition
90 years ago, Yorta Yorta leader William Cooper petitioned the king for Aboriginal representation in parliament
A Conservation Victory: Over the Past Three Years, No Elephants Poached in Mana Pools National Park
A mysterious interstellar radio signal has been blinking on and off every 22 minutes for over 30 years
A new virtual museum reveals 600 million years of Australian fossils in unprecedented 3D detail
A Rare 500-Year-Old Manuscript Gets a Second Life Online
A rose in every cheek: 100 years of Vegemite, the wartime spread that became an Aussie icon
A Year Ago Today Was the First Time Russia Threatened To Kill Me
A year on, Russia’s war on Ukraine threatens to redraw the map of world politics – and 2023 will be crucial
After 14 years of advocacy, the DRC president finally signs new Indigenous peoples law
After 3 years of Covid, CNN went into rural China for Lunar New Year. Here’s what we found and how officials tried stopping us
After 40 years homeless, Ocean Beach native plant gardener set to move into housing
After a year of rain, towns at the end of Australia’s giant river system await the slow, inevitable deluge
After years of austerity, Revive writes the next chapter in Australian literary culture
After years of mass shootings, the US is still trying to understand gun violence. Why?
An anniversary for great justice: Remembering “All Your Base” 20 years later
The “anti-intellectual attack” on higher ed will take years to undo
ANU museum to hand back stolen 2,500-year-old vase to Italy
Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2023 winners
Australian start-up aiming to grow plants on the Moon within four years receives government funding
Australian women will need ‘more than 200 years’ to reach income equity with men
Australia’s cultural institutions are especially vulnerable to efficiency dividends: looking back at 35 years of cuts
Baby beaver born in London for first time in 400 years
Ballet was Catherine's entire life, but it caused her years of 'irreparable' damage. Now she's making sure the next generation is better off
Bin so long: Adelaide woman puts rubbish out for first time in two years after epic effort to cut waste
Britain ‘not close to being a racially just society’, finds two-year research project
California passes right-to-repair act guaranteeing seven years of parts for your phone
Cambodia celebrates 30 years of progress towards landmine-free goal
Cats first finagled their way into human hearts and homes thousands of years ago – here’s how
China Focus: 10-year fishing ban improves biodiversity in Yangtze River
China on course to hit wind and solar power target five years ahead of time
Chinese people are living two years longer thanks to ‘war on pollution,’ report says
Church of England to disinvest from fossil fuels this year
‘City killers’ and half-giraffes: how many scary asteroids really go past Earth every year?
Closing the First Nations employment gap will take 100 years
Code Kept Secret for Years Reveals Its Flaw—a Backdoor
COP27 was disappointing, but 2022 remains an historic year for international climate policy
Coup in Gabon: Ali Bongo the eighth west African leader to be ousted by military in two years
COVID exploits our year of living dangerously
Covid-19 vaccines saved an estimated 20m lives during their first year
Danish traveller Thor Pedersen completes 10-year round-the-world journey without flying
Death toll mounts in Italy’s worst flooding for 100 years
Decades of less rainfall have cut replenishing of groundwater to 800-year low in WA
Dutton’s ‘no’ vote reflects 40 years of Coalition partisanship on the Voice
The earliest humans swam 100,000 years ago, but swimming remains a privileged pastime
Elephant poaching rates vary across Africa: 19 years of data from 64 sites suggest why
Engineers to assess flood-damaged bridges on key WA route amid concerns some could take years to fix
Extinctions Might Screw Up Madagascar for 20 Million Years
Extreme weather caused 18 disasters in US last year, costing $165bn
Fast Fashion: Why garment workers’ lives are still in danger 10 years after Rana Plaza — Podcast
Fiery Death, A Trillion Dollars and 30 years of payback
Fire regimes around Australia shifted abruptly 20 years ago – and falling humidity is why
First cheetah cubs born in India since extinction 70 years ago
The first photograph of the entire globe: 50 years on, Blue Marble still inspires
The First Year of AI College Ends in Ruin
Five years on, Brisbane’s e-scooters and e-bikes are winning over tourists and residents as they open up the city
For Four Years I Was “Randomly Selected”for Special Security Checks at Airports Throughout the U.S.
For years, Japan tried to keep their existence a secret, but the Ainu people refuse to disappear
Fossil fuel emissions to peak within two years as global decarbonization picks up steam
The four astronauts NASA picked for the first crewed moon mission in 50 years
Friday essay: 60 years old, the Yirrkala Bark Petitions are one of our founding documents – so why don’t we know more about them?
Friday essay: shaping history – why I spent ten years studying one Wikipedia article
German sea captain faces 20 years in jail for migrant rescue efforts
Germany approves self-ID to make transitioning easier for trans people after year in legal limbo
Germany to ban new gas and oil heating from next year
Giant sea lizards: fossils in Morocco reveal the astounding diversity of marine life 66 million years ago, just before the asteroid hit
Global pollinator losses causing 500,000 early deaths a year – study
Global temperature rises in steps – here’s why we can expect a steep climb this year and next
Global warming to bring record hot year by 2028 – probably our first above 1.5°C limit
Golden eagles in Scotland at highest levels in 300 years
Good news for the oceans: Amazon single-use plastic packaging declines by over 11% in one year
Great Salt Lake will disappear in 5 years without massive ‘emergency rescue,’ scientists say
Grim Study Shows 10 Years of 'Carbon Offsets' in California Had No Climate Benefit
Groundbreaking studies of Earth’s churning oceans recognised at Australia’s most prestigious science prizes this year
Halliburton equipment worth $7.1m imported into Russia in past year, customs records show
Happy New Year 2023!
Hidden carbon: Fungi and their ‘necromass’ absorb one-third of the carbon emitted by burning fossil fuels every year
Himalayan Glaciers Are Melting 65% Faster Than Just 10 Years Ago
The housing wealth gap between older and younger Australians has widened alarmingly in the past 30 years. Here’s why
How butterflies conquered the world: a new ‘family tree’ traces their 100-million-year journey across the globe
‘How dare you do this’: How Defence’s river of poison put thousands of years of culture in jeopardy
How did millions of fish die gasping in the Darling – after three years of rain?
How disappearance became a global weapon of psychological control, 50 years on from Chile’s US-backed coup
How Many Books Are Published Each Year? [2023 Statistics]
How to save $4 billion a year: reform a fuel tax credit scheme with no real rationale
I helped expose insurers for denying medical claims. 15 years on, a court has found what they did is illegal
Iceland’s first full-day women’s strike in 48 years aims to close pay gap – as it happened
iFixit Celebrates 20 Years of Fixing the World
In the Year of the Rabbit, spare a thought for all these wonderful endangered bunny species
In-depth: Russia’s war means fossil fuels will peak within five years, IEA says
Indigenous deaths in custody at record high and public perception of police worst in 10 years, report finds
Inspiration, influence and theft: what the Ed Sheeran case can tell us about 70 years of pop music
The Internet Twenty-Five Years Later
Invasive species cost humans $423bn each year and threaten world’s diversity
Iranian couple filmed dancing in Tehran are jailed for 10 years
Iraq war, 20 years on: how the world failed Iraq and created a less peaceful, democratic and prosperous state
Italy Decides That Leonardo da Vinci’s 500 Year Old Works Are Not In The Public Domain
It’s been 3 years since COVID entered New Zealand – here are 3 ways to improve our response
‘It’s soul-destroying’: how people on a housing wait list of 175,000 describe their years of waiting
‘I’ve been on the waiting list for over 20 years’: why social housing suitable for people with disabilities is desperately needed
I’ve spent 40 years studying Antarctica. The frozen continent has never needed our help more
I’ve spent 5 years researching the heroic life of Black musician Graham Jackson, but teaching his story could be illegal under laws in Florida and North Dakota
Lie detection tests have worked the same way for 3,000 years – and they’re still hopelessly inaccurate
‘Life changing’ – what 50 years of community-controlled housing at Yumba-Meta tells us about home and health
‘Like Finding a Unicorn’: Researchers Rediscover the Black-Naped Pheasant-Pigeon, a Bird Lost to Science for 140 Years
Long COVID: 3 years in
Mahsa Amini: a year into the protest movement in Iran, this is what’s changed
Man Keeps Rock For Years, Hoping It's Gold. It Turns Out to Be Far More Valuable
Many forests will become highly flammable for at least 30 extra days per year unless we cut emissions, research finds
Marking 50 Years in the Struggle for Democracy
Marking One Year Of Total War In Ukraine
Meet the biggest and most bizarre skink ever found in Australia. It became extinct 47,000 years ago
Mexican wolf program is making strides after 25 years of effort
Millie Bobby Brown’s debut novel is a bestseller. Does it matter that the 19-year-old actor didn’t write it?
Millions of satellite images reveal how beaches around the Pacific vanish or replenish in El Niño and La Niña years
MMP in New Zealand turns 30 at this year’s election – a work in progress, but still a birthday worth celebrating
More evidence that humans were in North America over 20,000 years ago
More than a million gambling ads aired on Australian TV and radio in a year, research finds
More than a third of COVID survivors in Italy had persistent symptoms at 2 years
The Most Influential Sci-Fi Books of the Past 10 Years
My work investigating the links between viruses and Alzheimer’s disease was dismissed for years – but now the evidence is building
‘National disgrace’: protest after tree estimated to be hundreds of years old cut down in Tasmania
National Geographic Reveals its 2022 Pictures of the Year
National History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2022
Nature religions are growing in Australia – though witchcraft was illegal in some territories just 10 years ago
Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2023
Nearly half of US honeybee colonies died last year. Struggling beekeepers stabilize population
New study helps solve a 30-year-old puzzle: how is climate change affecting El Niño and La Niña?
Niéde Guidon’s 50-year fight to protect Serra da Capivara, the Americas’ largest prehistoric site
No back door for 5 years: remote community’s High Court win is good news for renters everywhere
No more hydrogen trains | Rail company that launched world's first H2 line last year opts for all-electric future
North Korea: fears of a new famine after three years of COVID isolation and harsh repression
“Not a single year to lose:” Auto industry is pushing world well beyond 1.5°C
NPOTY 2022 results - Nature Photographer of the Year
Number of populist world leaders at 20-year low
NZ climate activist faces up to 10 years in prison over fake letter saying fossil fuel event cancelled
One Careless Act of War Could Destroy All Satellites in Just 40 Years
Online retailer Book Depository closing after nearly 20 years, customers lament decision
Our mood usually lifts in spring. But after early heatwaves and bushfires, this year may be different
Parents may wait up to 40 years to join family in Australia. Is a visa lottery the answer?
The plight of the Japanese giant salamander: ‘23m years of DNA might die out’
Pollution at Australia’s largest Antarctic research station exceeded guidelines for almost 20 years
Pride 2023: What's changed since last year?
Private jet sales likely to reach highest ever level this year, report says
Puerto Rico has been part of the US for 125 years, but its future remains contested
Putin preparing major offensive in new year, Ukraine defence minister warns
Queensland graziers unearth 100m-year-old plesiosaur remains likened to Rosetta Stone
Record number of Saimaa seal pups born this year, wildlife agency says
Record year for olive ridley turtles in Bangladesh as conservation work pays off
Regulations reducing lead and copper contamination in drinking water generate $9 billion of health benefits per year, according to new analysis
Renewables will be world’s top electricity source within three years, IEA data reveals
Rise of ‘fuel-guzzling’ SUVs costing Australians $13bn extra at the pump per year, report finds
Rising seas and a great southern star: Aboriginal oral traditions stretch back more than 12,000 years
San Diego Closes Popular Beach for Seven Years to Protect Sea Lions
Sexual exhibitionism, Riot Grrrl and climate change activism: 30 years of raging by Peaches, Bikini Kill and Björk, still going strong
Shift Happens celebrates 150 years of typewriters, keyboards, and the people who use them
Should I get a flu vaccine this year? Here’s what you need to know
Snow leopard wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award
Solar Philippines to break ground on world’s ‘largest’ solar farm this year
Squid fishing grew by 68% in just three years, raising fears the industry is out of control
Streamer In Japan Gets 2 Years Jail Time For Uploading Let’s Plays, Anime Spoilers
Successful Swift Fox Reintroduction Program at Fort Belknap Celebrates Third Year
Summer Sea Ice May Vanish From The Arctic in Just 10 Years, Scientists Warn
Swiss glaciers lose 10% of their volume in two years
The Talented 7-Year-Old Ukrainian Refugee Painting Her Way Through War
Target date for cleaning up waterways in England is moved back by 36 years
Ten Years Later, The EU Orphan Works Directive Is Officially A Failure – Just As The Copyright Industry Intended
Ten years of Rana Plaza: How safe is Bangladesh garment industry?
Terry Irving spent 1,671 days in jail for a crime he didn’t commit – and 25 more years seeking justice
There are 8 years left to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but is it enough time?
There were more than 38,000 entries in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award — these ones were shortlisted
These magnificent 107-million-year-old pterosaur bones are the oldest ever found in Australia
This 51-year-old pays $725 a month to live in a ‘tiny home on wheels’ in someone’s backyard—take a look inside
This 95-year-old Perth driver wants older motorists to go electric
This is how a 3-year-old sees a city—and it’s not very pleasant
This Penn professor has been offending minorities for years. Will tenure save her?
Three years into the pandemic, it’s clear COVID won’t fix itself. Here’s what we need to focus on next
Three Years Later, Covid-19 Is Still a Health Threat. Journalism Needs to Reflect That
The Titan Submersible Disaster Was Years in the Making, New Details Reveal
Tourists flock to the Mediterranean as if the climate crisis isn’t happening. This year’s heat and fire will force change
Toyota: Car location data of 2 million customers exposed for ten years
The Twelve Apostles are back in Aboriginal hands after Vic's first native title determination in 10 years
Two thirds of Australian authors are women – new research finds they earn just $18,200 a year from their writing
Ukraine a year on: the invasion changed NZ foreign policy – as the war drags on, cracks will begin to show
US military plans to unleash thousands of autonomous war robots over next two years
Want an easy $400 a year? Ditch the gas heater in your home for an electric split system
We can learn a lot about long COVID from years of diagnosing and treating chronic fatigue syndrome
‘We did it so badly … it’s now backfired’: women and minority US forces reflect on the invasion of Iraq – now 20 years ago
Westminster Abbey isn't actually an abbey... and it hasn't been for 464 years
We've Been Misreading a Major Law of Physics For The Past 300 Years
We’ve been studying the same people for 76 years – this is what we’ve found out about Alzheimer’s disease
Whaleback Pack Delivers California’s Largest Known Wolf Litter in Over 100 Years
What, a school revamp once every 440 years isn’t enough?
‘What if there was a war?’ Chinese Australians wear the scars after bitter years of hostile rhetoric
What NZ scientists just revealed about Tonga’s devastating tsunami, one year on
What this year’s El Niño means for wheat and global food supply
What will Australia's fourth year of the COVID-19 pandemic look like?
Where did the new year’s resolution come from? Well, we’ve been making them for 4,000 years
Winners of the 2022 Travel Photographer of the Year Contest
With less than a year to go, the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is in a dreadful mess. These 5 steps are needed to fix it
Woodside LNG: Australia’s ‘biggest’ contribution to climate crisis a step closer to 50-year extension
The World Bank used to cause untold harm – but 30 years ago it started reforming. What went right
World’s biggest bat colony gathers in Zambia every year: we used artificial intelligence to count them
The World’s Oldest Restaurant Has Been in Operation for Over 1200 Years
The Year in Cheer 2022
The Year Tech Bro Lunacy Was Exposed
【寒梅傲雪迎新年】许下新年心愿,2023和自得琴社一起接好运!HAPPY NEW YEAR
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