The Treebranching Chicks 1

The Straw Chick:
Artistry is once more crushed by ignorance.

You hover gracefully over the shoulder of the sensitive, artistic little creature who chose to weave her house of straw.

Straw is certainly a traditional material for birds to build their nests from, but this chick decides to do without the mud in order to create something finer, more ethereal. She swoops and hops back and forth assembling the strands of dried grass so that they form the lacy grandeur of a tiny Chartres Cathedral.

When she completes the work she proudly enters its portals, just as a cat espies her fat little body (all healthy young birds start out fat, then slim down with their new found wings; if only we could be as accepting of ourselves as we are of growing chicks).

The cat leaps onto the branch of the chick's newly founded home and blows away all the straw. The chick is in a dither as to what she should do. As her guardian angel you can direct her to:

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