The Treebranching Chicks 3

The Brick Chick:
Safe as houses.

You are poised, suspended close by the head of the practical and paranoid little creature who chose to build her house of bricks.

She knows that the world can be a dangerous place and so carefully plans a house in which she can lock herself up. That way she can never be hurt by the vagaries of life outside. Of course this doesn't preclude the chick from enclosing herself in luxury.

The brick chick works closely with a contractor, designing a structure that includes: shatter proof glass, window bars, a stone brick wall topped with barbed wire and encircling the perimeter, the finest electronic security system money can buy, a swimming pool and spa. No expense is spared to make her home a grand and mighty fortress. Even a peacock would be proud to live in such a nest.

When she completes the house she securely sashays through its reinforced portcullis followed by the red eyes of her security cameras. Little does she know that she is also being followed by the eyes of a hungry and basically stupid cat who doesn't understand the sophistication of her protection.

Okay guardian angel, do you really want to go on and

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