Dog Animation

The name is Duxson. Duxson Hound. You can call me Dux. I am probably the most famous dog private investigator in the whole neighbourhood. Welcome to my world. Here it is 1949 and it is a world of danger and excitement. Some of the time. My world is full of interesting cases that start right here in my corner office with a desk and a view of Manhattan. As you can see I spend most of my time here. The bare walls and Murphy bed do lend a certain glamour. At least I do have a secretary, Miss Pooch. My world also includes Portia. We're going to be married. She is a famous poodle model who does dog food commercials in those expensive magazines. Wow! I know, you're wondering why this beauty is hanging around a mutt like me. Well, I'll tell you. Love is a funny thing. It was love that got me into my most famous case.It was Miss Pooch who took the phone call that fateful day...

The phone rang. Miss Pooch stopped filing her nails long enough to pick it up. "Duxson Hound Detective Agency. No, I'm not missing a pink poodle. Oh. you've seen one being dognapped. She was barking for Duxson. Okay, I'll put him on the line."

She gave me the phone and I heard the bad news. My beautiful Portia had been dognapped. Who would do such a thing and why? The first thing I did was head to Portia's apartment to find some clues. Finding a pink poodle shouldn't be too hard. I told Miss Pooch that I would call her on my mobile phone if I found any clues. She remined me, "Dux, mobile phones haven't been invented yet." That was a nuisance. I would need to find phone booths all over town. Anyway, I was off to Portia's

Portia's Place

Copyright Rachel Bradshaw 1999.