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Logos are a special way you promote yourself. They create a quickly recognisable identity for you and your products. They need to be straightforward, iconic, and scalable from the very small to the very large.

Glass Wings can create your memorable image.


Whitehorse Chevaliers

Logo designed by Glass Wings

The Whitehorse Chevaliers are a fencing club. They wanted a device they could use on letterheads and trophies. They wanted it to be original and dynamic, while also communicating who they are.

Whitehorse is the suburb in which they are located. A white horse head is also a symbol for a knight in chess.

Ad Astra

Logo designed by Glass Wings

Ad Astra is a professional development group for speculative fiction writers. They were planning on using their logo on letterhead, membership cards, and on their own publishing imprint.

Ad Astra is latin for "to the stars". They also wanted to represent that they are an Australian group. So I used the seven-pointed star as is found on the Australian flag.


Before Uecomm changed their logo, Glass Wings was employed to design a Web site for them. Part of that design included re-contextualising their logo in order to present it in a dynamic manner.

Glass Wings conceived and storyboarded this animation.


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