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More Glass Wings updates

A whole bunch of updates this time! Giggle now features Duxson's Choice,
Modern Adventure brings you The Kolna Conflict and the Australian mirror
of Thieves & Kings and we've created a new page just for our Comics.

We're off on another World Tour, so please email us if you'd like to
meet in the following cities:

August 10-11, San Jose  (LinuxWorld conference)
August 12-15, San Diego (Comic-con International)
August 17-20, San Francisco
August 21-24, Monterey  (Open Source conference)
August 25, 11:45am-12:30pm, Dallas/Ft. Worth airport
August 25-30, Seattle
August 31-September 1, New York
September 2, Kaiserslautern
September 3-5, Stuttgart
September 6-17, Tokyo/Yokohama/Fujisawa-shi

Share and enjoy,
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