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Geek Nite Out


This is the full blurb for our upcoming computer gala. We would love to have
you join us.

If you are also in a position to pass on the word to people who would be
interested in this sort of event, we would be grateful to those of you who help
out in this way. Connecting us with a sponsor earns you a hug from me




Geek Nite Out

20 October 2000
All tickets must be purchased by 10pm
Free to ACE 2000 participants, otherwise, $5 at the door.
Aughtie Drive
F2 Grand Prix Pit Lane
Albert Park
Melbourne, Australia


Ka-Ping Yee

Ka-Ping Yee is the System Administrator for computers at Industrial Light and
Magic, George Lucas' special effects company. Specifically, he has worked on
the movies Wild Wild West and The Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie.   He is one of
the early inventors of mediators (some of which are referred to as proxies).
His mediators include: Shodouka which makes it possible to view Japanese
documents without  Japanese-capable client software, MINSE which makes it
possible to display mathematical equations in any document, CritLink for
attaching comments to Web pages. He is also a member of the Foresight Institute
and Project Xanadu.

For more information:

Clan Analogue

Clan Analogue is both an artist collective for those people who enjoy composing
electronic music, and a publishing label providing an outlet for these
compositions.  They have branches in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide.  The
magazine 3D World - has said: "Clan Analogue is a collective of electronic
musicians, visual artists and Djs that have progressed from being a bunch of
people motivated by the lack of live electronic music in a culture which was
dominated by guitars and (recorded) overseas dance music to arguably one of the
most important aspects of the Australian (experimental) music scene."


Laser Video Harp with Olaf Meyer aka OlaffalO the Electric Elf

"Over the past 5 years, Olaf has been compiling interactive installations
utilising his own  animations, digital video, live camera and real-time effects
to create a visual time-collage with a focus towards audience interaction,
incorporating body mind and music. Olaf's work is presented with the intention
to evoke trance on the audience. Inspired by mind power research, effects such
as strobe and rate are used to stimulate the body's own natural bio rhythms.
The messages in his work, revolve mainly around dreams and fantasy and are
usually conveyed to the viewer as clear images flashed momentarily through pure
mathematical patterns. In the Laser Harp installation, Olaf focuses on human
interaction with video, both physical and non-physical. Also aiming to expand
the way we perceive the term - multimedia."


Robot Demos/Open Source Toys with Kirsty Boyle

Kirsty Boyle is a puppeteer whose passion is robots and toy hacking. She has
travelled the world doing performances and connecting with other puppeteers.
For Robocup 2000, Kirsty assisted the RMIT team. She will be demonstrating some
of her own robots and speaking about the Open Source Toy movement.


Multi-player Computer Gaming

The Linux Gamers League will be joining us by setting up numerous computers to
play the likes of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament.


Munchies and Other Geeks

The whole point is to have a good time socialising. So, we have arranged for
stacks of pizza, espresso, and cola to be available as anywhere from 500-1000
geeks gather to be a part of this gala.

ACE 2000

ACE is the Alternative Computing Expo whose aims and interests so matched our
own that we decided to combine with them.  They are expecting 5000-7000 people
at their event and we are kicking the weekend off for them.



Geek Nite Out is about the computing community getting together, making new
friends, learning about new technologies, and having a good time.  Our age
demographic will be from teens to 40s.  The people who have organised this, who
have supported it, and who we have invited are those who are frequently in the
position to make final decisions about the hardware and software that companies
and corporations are going to be using.

Anyone who chooses to sponsor this event will have their name mentioned to the
television, radio, and print media that have approached us. Their logo can be
on our site, on banners at the event, on t-shirts, and other places. These will
be negotiated depending upon the level of sponsorship.

If you would like to be a sponsor, these are the sponsorship opportunities we
have available:

Sole Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

For more information contact Dr. Katherine Phelps: 

E-Mail: Katherine Phelps <muse@glasswings.com.au>
BA (Hons), MFA, PhD
Nothing can withstand the powers of love, laughter and imagination