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When you least expect it...

Ha! Fooled you!  Just when you least expect it, we're back with a second
fun-filled February update.  And it's a doozy.  This time around we've got
a Roman Numeral Digital Clock:


More colourful paintings of the natural world by Katherine Phelps:


And last but by no means least Storytronics, a doctoral exegesis on the
issues related to creating hyperfiction:


....particularly in relation to Odysseus, She, a full-on hypernovel
that turns Homer's Odyssey upside down and shakes it up a bit for fun.
Odysseus is a woman in this version, travelling in a modern mythic world.
This will take some reading!


Oh, and our mirror site for David Simpson's much-loved Ozy & Millie
comic strip has now become the official site!


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