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New on Glass Wings for 2006

We have plenty of news in the year since the last update!

In Sequential Squiggles, Ozy and Millie is currently running every
weekday Monday to Friday, and is now also available translated into
Klingon and French:


Jennifer Diane Reitz has added a second comic, "To Save Her", running
Mondays and Fridays on the same page as Pastel Defender Heliotrope
(updated Wednesdays; adult themes.)


Katherine Phelps has another new painting in Gallery KJP:


Best of all we've added new software to make our Friends of Glass Wings
mailing list available and searchable as the Glass Wings Blog:


Finally, we'll be attending Conjure, the 45th National Australian Science
Fiction Convention, between 14-17 April 2006 and will be appearing on
and chairing several panels. Be sure to come and say hello if you're
attending the convention!


Share and enjoy,
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