Glass Wings

Professional Comedy Skills

World-building Through Movement
2-4pm Sunday 18 November, Southbank

Mime skills for improvisation, sketches, and anecdotal comedy.

Course description:


In this course you will learn:

  • how to theatrically walk, stand, sit, and fall
  • how to express feelings through your body
  • about body language, gestures, and facial expressions
  • how to create imagined environments and objects through body movement.

And also you will develop your body consciousness so that your movements will be more harmonised and graceful not only on stage but also in everyday life.

Miklos is a Hungarian born artist trained in traditional pantomime. He is the 2010 champion in the comical acting category of the official World Championships of Performing Arts held in LA. He teaches acting (improv) skills, body language, facial expressions, mental preparation and emotions privately and at TAFTA (The Australian Film and TV Academy). He is an NLP Master Practitioner and Integrated Dance and Movement Therapist.


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