Aged Care

The Australian Democrats believe that older Australians make an immense contribution to the well being of our society and our economy. We support community and home based aged care services that enable older Victorians to stay with confidence and comfort in their homes as long as they are able.

The Democrats are committed to:


A total of 883,303 people, or 15% of Victoria's population is over 60 and this is expected to rise to 25% by 2021. Rural and regional areas have a higher proportion of over 60's (20%) compared to metropolitan areas (14%).

According to national benchmarks, Victoria is 5,500 beds short on residential care provision, which is far more than in other States (Western Australia, for example, is only about 300 beds short). This simply increases the demand for home-based care, for which there are no benchmarks. With no objective measure for how much home-based provision is really needed, waiting lists just continue to get longer each year. Last year over 120,000 people used Home & Community Care services in Victoria; over 70% of these were older people.

In Victoria, the Democrats will:

In community and home-based aged care

The Australian Democrats would:

The Democrats would address as a matter of urgency the shortage of home care and personal care workers by: