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Ache: Odysseus! What are you doing in Hades' realm?
Ody: I'm here to speak with Teiresias.
Ache: It must be hard times, if you are resorting to speaking with that gray old seer.
Ody: You've got that right. After all these years I still haven't touched the shores of Ithaka. In the meantime most of my crew have been horribly killed.
Ache: I have noticed a steady stream of shades that say they were of your fleet.
Ody: Anyway, I am so pleased at this reunion. We considered you a deity in your lifetime and now with so many who have heard of your mighty deeds, you will be immortal in the memories of all Akhaians.
Ache: Flattery will get you everywhere. Come now Odysseus, I want some news. How is my father Peleus? Is he being treated well in his old age? and what of my son?
Ody: Well, as I've said, I've been floundering for some time now. So, I have no news of Peleus. However, I can tell you a little of your son Neoptolemos.
Ache: Thank the deities for that! What has he been up to?
Ody: After you left us Helenus, the seer, said that we would need Neo fighting by our sides in order to win the war with the Trojans. I myself brought him from Skyros to the front. It was a great decision. Neo turned his troops into an efficient fighting force who would follow him into any sort of battle, since he lead from the forefront putting himself at risk first. Yet, he brought such skill to his combat that he came away without scar or wound of any kind. And of all the leaders he could almost out-debate Nestor and myself!!!
Ache: This is fabulous news.
Ody: When I arranged a trick for entering the city of Troy by hiding troops in a large wooden horse, your boy was the only one not to tremble and sweat waiting for that moment when I would give the word to burst out fighting.
Ache: I am overwhelmed, Odysseus. I'm sorry, but I've got to go tell Hercules, Agamemnon and the rest of the guys the news. I'm also quite pleased we had this reunion. Bye!

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