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Agro: Odysseus my old mate! It brings me to tears meeting you here. If only I could properly embrace you as a comrade in arms.
Ody: That's all right Aggie. *hugs*
Agro: Oh Ody, I would do anything to be solid flesh and bone again.
Ody: How did you wind up here? Last I knew you were on your way home from Troy. Did Poseidon do you in with one of pers' storms? Were you caught raiding, or just killed in a fight?
Agro: No, it was none of that. I would have felt satisfied with such deaths. My wife, Klytaimnestra, and her lover murdered me.
Ody: That's a bit extreme!
Agro: The faithless whore. I gave her a title, a place to live and children. How could she have turned on me?
Ody: I really don't know, but I am sure you were hurt.
Agro: I don't understand women. But mark my words: never indulge them and never tell them all you know. They won't appreciate it and they'll use it against you.
Ody: But Aggie, _I'm_ a woman.
Agro: Yeah, but you're different. You're like one of the guys.
Ody: You know, women aren't a separate species. I just happen to be more self-confident than most women, and so live as I choose rather than according to tradition.
Agro: Sure, and that's okay for you. But a woman shouldn't go killing her husband.
Ody: You are absolutely right. However, you might want to think about why you married Klytaimnestra and why she might have felt that she needed to kill you. You might also want to think about what it might have felt like to be Chryseis, Briseis and Kassandra too.
Agro: How do they fit into this? They were my rightful spoils of war.
Ody: You are lumping them together with golden jars and brass candleholders that don't care who uses them or how. And yet you expected them to treat you with respect.
Agro: I like it better when you and I are just drinking and fighting Trojans.
Ody: Aggie, I am grateful that you at least respect me. It's a start. I promise next time I'm knocking back a beer I'll think of you.
Agro: I'll think of you too, Ody. Next time, I'm marrying a woman like you.
Ody: That would be nice. TTFN

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