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Ant: Odysseus! Is that you, Odysseus?
Ody: Yes, it's me Mum.
Ant: What are you doing in this dark place? Haven't you made it home still?
Ody: It's been a long hard trip, Mum. But I've been trying my best to get back. I can't believe you're here, though. How did you die? I was so hoping to see you again. How have things been with Pop, and what about Penelopos and Telemakhe?
Ant: Penelopos is grieving for you. He lives in the palace and wastes many of his days weeping. He tries to distract himself with textile arts, but his only real joy these days is your daughter Telemakhe.
Ody: This is so hard to hear. It brings him a little closer and then breaks my heart. But please don't stop.
Ant: Telemakhe now sees to your estate, looking after your fields and gardens. She has also been installed as a magistrate. Your father, Laertes, on the otherhand has become country-bound. He will not go into the city and he lives a rough life at home sleeping alone nights by the fire with only a single old blanket to cover him.
Ody: And you, what happened to you?
Ant: I missed you Odysseus. I missed having a brave and vivacious daughter to brighten my days. How could they have taken you away? We never knew if you were alive or dead, and spent days in dread that you could only possibly be dead, unburied and unmourned somewhere. I became ill from my own sorrow. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. Eventually, my spirit just left me and so I am now here.
Ody: Oh mum. You shouldn't have made my life your own. I so wish I could hold you instead of having this thing, this computer, standing between us. Can't Persephone do something to let us meet and touch?
Ant: This is just how it is. You are in the realm of the shades. My soul can still speak through the spirit of this personality, but soon that will be washed away. I remain only because you still love and remember me.
Ody: I do love you Mum.
Ant: I love you too. Now hurry home. Everyone is waiting for you and need to hold you there.
Ody: I will Mum. I promise. I just wish I could stay with you longer as well.
Ant: We will see each other again soon enough. Bye dearest.
Ody: Bye Mum.

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