Apollo Talk

"My dad would kill me, if he knew what we've been up to," said Telemakhe gently rocking back and forth in the same hammock with Peisistratos. "Mind you, the real danger would be if the suitors found out."

Peisistratos gently squeezed his arm around Telemakhe's waist. "You know, I really don't get why there's such a fuss," he said. "You are perfectly capable of running Ithaka on your own and good governing is not necessarily an easy job. I watched my Mum administer Pylos while Dad was away. It may serve those guys' egos to take over Ithaka for a few months, but then reality would settle in."

"Would you like to run Pylos when your parents retire?" asked Telemakhe.

"No way, I'm extremely happy that I have older siblings who can squabble over it if they like. I'm much more interested in some research I am doing with a priest at the temple of Apollo."

Telemakhe's face split into a beautiful listening smile, "And what sort of research is that?"

"Well, the deities have a communication system amongst themselves called the Metanet. Part of the Metanet is an information repository known as the Known-World Wide Web. The only good access to that network is in Hades. We can get some basic access through an ethernet account at most temples. However, we would like to crack into the KWWW for a larger view of life and to develop instantaneous communication amongst temples.

"The priest Daphnos has already developed a system whereby information can be stored and manipulated using divine phlogiston. We've broken down all sorts of information into codes that can be expressed as patterns of discrete units of phlogiston. The information can then be displayed at any time on a light loom which uses the phlogiston codes to determine what colours and patterns show up where. I'm developing a means to access and deliver these discrete units from an altar which will be beaming and accepting beams that are bouncing off of the heavenly dome to other altars at other temples. The system is known as 'The Classical Protocol - Metanet Protocol'." Peisistratos' hands motioned eloquently with his words. His passion was obvious.

"Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you," said Telemakhe.

"Yeah but I really enjoy it, and given half a chance I could bore you all evening with the details. Maybe sometime I can show you how it works, so you'll know why I'm excited."

"I think I'd like that," said Telemakhe giving Peisistratos a kiss. She then cuddled close to his chest and closed her eyes.


Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps