Truth or Dare

Join in a silent
dance of the
seen and the

and the


We all assume, every day,
that there's more to life than meets the eye.

All I ask of you
is a little

...and a world
of imagination.

Scott McCloud

Menelaus turned to Telemakhe and asked, "You have brought back many significant memories for both Helen and I. Why have you come to us? Why have you travelled over seas and across the lands of Lakedaimon? Is it a public or private matter? We are more than happy to offer ourselves in any way to the daughter of Odysseus."

Telemakhe replied, "Good King Menelaus, Queen Helen, I have come for news of my mother. My home and its estates are being ruined by suitors who seek my hand in marriage, thinking that it shall confer upon them the status of ruler of Ithaka. They slaughter my cattle, drink my wine, bully the servants and taunt my gentle father. They show little to no respect for me and yet still expect me to accept one of them. This is why I seek news of that woman who once was our wise ruler.

"Please tell me the truth, do not try to soften the details or spare my feelings in any way. I must know for sure what has become of my mother, Odysseus. I believe we show our greatest regards when we speak of her in all honesty and knowing all, still recognise her value."

Menelaus face turned red at Telemakhe's report. "By all that is holy, what kind of soft-bellied jerks would dare to think of taking Odysseus' place on the throne and in her home. Telemakhe, I hardly know you, but even so I can believe that you would make a fine ruler without need of a husband to take over such responsibilities.

"And what of Penelopos? Helen can speak well of his character. She knew him when he was an artist in her family's house. He may be a creator and not interested in domain management, but nothing says he couldn't do it in a pinch if the people of Ithaka insisted. I've seen enough of might and what that gets you in the Trojan wars to know that perhaps it is time we learn how to function under gentler hands.

"I cannot wait for the day when Odysseus returns and shows those upstarts what for. It will be like a lioness who discovers a ram threatening her cub. They will be made into breakfast mince. Which, I suppose is more might, but that kind of behaviour gets up my nostrils."

Menelaus took a moment to calm down, then returned to Telemakhe. "I will answer your question. In a daring moment I was able to get information from the Ancient of the Sea and I tell you pers word can be trusted as a true expression of reality."

I Never Meta-Morph I Didn't Like.

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