*Odysseus' Face*

You Are What You Eat

Eurylokhos felt the low grumbling in his stomach. It must have felt like a personal insult from the deities. Why present them with an island filled with the world's finest cattle, then hold them there with bad weather until no other food was available? I cannot blame him for what he did next despite its foolishness.

Together with the rest of the crew he reasoned that surely if they made sacrifice of the most perfect heifers to the sky deities, swearing that once home they would build a temple to them adorned with gold, sunflowers and oranges, that these deities would not begrudge them eating a few cattle. After all what could the deities do to them? They could be drown or struck with lightning, but were these fates really any worse than starving to death on this lonely island?

The rest of the crew agreed and so they began the offerings followed by preparations for a proper barbeque with one of the crew managing to fake up a decent sauce.


A Rude Awakening.

Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps