A Festal Day

The palace whirled with life as servants, caterers and various service people transformed the place into a sacred playground for honouring all that is divine. From within everything seemed colourfully chaotic like a flock of butterflies stirred about by the wind, but from a larger perspective all was moving as it should, like blood through a runner's veins.

Before long the guests poured in, dressed in their most spectacular finery ornamented with gold, jewels and feathers, or simply in the strength of their youth. Some brought with them exotic pets from far ports of call such as parrots, monkeys or tiny, fine-boned dogs whose only purpose is to be diverting and ornamental. Many people were wreathed in strange scents as well, such as the perfumes of rare flowers or the smoke from intoxicating substances.

Queen Arete stood over all of the activity directing servants and guests alike into their complex harmonies. A person could imagine a gentle Hera marshalling pers angelic forces into a mystical dance much in the same way that Arete held a space for the day's activities.

Some of her guests she guided to the

Merry Feasting,

Some of her guests she led to witness the

Gaming and Physical Shows of Prowess of Skheria's Youth,

And yet others she directed to the

Joyous Sounds and Movements of Dancing.

Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps