Hey, Girlfriend

Dawn's light filtered through the windows, playing with the floating dust motes and turning them into flecks of blushing gold. Odysseus still slept in the hall corner when Telemakhe was called to the castle door. Outside stood her friend Noemon, who had lent her the vessel to seek word of her mother. Beside her stood the Argive exile, Theoklymenos. Telemakhe threw open her arms and embraced Noemon. She felt joy at seeing a reliable, supportive friend in these tense timea.

"Come in, come in! What brings you here?" asked Telemakhe.

"It's good to see you too," laughed Noemon, "Those bodacious treasures you brought back from Menelaus' court we still have upon my boat. Perhaps you would like to send some servants to retrieve them?"

Telemakhe's smile faded. "Noemon, the suitors grow more dangerous. We may soon have to face them down. Should that happen and I am killed by the event, or some other such skullduggery on their behalf, I want you to have those treasures. However, if you hear word that the suitors are routed, or that I am to be wed of my own willing choice, then I am sure you would be happy to send me that wealth. In such days we can party in our good fortune."

"Oh Tel," said Noemon, "Girlfriend, I hate to hear you speak like this. Are you going to be all right?"

Telemakhe shrugged. "Who's to say? We shall all have to trust in ourselves and the benevolence of the deities. In the meantime would you like something for brekkie?" said Telemakhe indicating both Noemon and Theoklymenos.

"I'm sorry," said Noemon kissing Telemakhe on the cheek, "But I'm going to have to run. I've already had a bit of a nosh and need to see to some business today." She then waved goodbye and headed back down the road to town.

"I hate to impose," said Theoklymenos, "But I couldn't bring myself to stay with Eurymakhos after having a divine into his character. So I would be thankful for a meal, then I will be moving on to where I might ply my trade."

"Theoklymenos, you were a big help on the ship coming home, of course you aren't imposing for a meal here. Of more concern is anyone's safety who visits this house," said Telemakhe. She swept him into the house and toward her own dining table.

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