*Odysseus' Face*

How to Connect

Kirke could sense me blanch at yet more trials. But phe held me closer and reassuringly stroked my cheek. "Who is going to pilot me there?" I asked, "No one has ever sailed to the realms of Death."

Phe continued in per instructions:

"Oh I know, sweet Odysseus. Do not dismay. All you need do from here is haul your canvas up to the top of your mast and let the west wind carry you, even if it is out of land's view. Soon enough you shall come upon those dread shores. They shall indeed be dark this time of year, but they shall not be drear. Make note of the river Styx which will pour out boiling into the ocean. Nearby you must make port.

"Take with you sweet milk, honey, fine wine and white barley. Take also with you one of your finest heifers and a black sheep, and follow the river inland until you see amongst the crumbling houses of the dead, a tiny cafe. You will need to offer the milk, honey, wine and barley to the cafe owner in order to enter that cafe. You will need the heifer as an offering to access the dead. And you will need the black sheep as a gift for Teiresias, so that he might speak with you."


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