*Odysseus' Face*

Daylight Come and Me Wan' Go Home

Aye Kalypso, the places you've been to
The things that you've shown me, the stories you tell!
Aye Kalypso, I sing to your spirit
Those who have served you so long and so well.

John Denver

When I awoke I was laying deep within a monarch size bed covered in feather quilts. My room was a well appointed cave with all the modern conveniences: a scrying pool, hot and cold running streams, bioluminescent moss.

Before long a brightly decorated demi-deity wearing red and yellow ruffles swept into the room. Phe immediately began nursing me with a bowl of hot pumpkin soup. While spooning the orange liquid into my mouth, phe told me all about how I was found, how glad phe was that I could now keep per company, and hadn't the weather been just awful this year.

I had to manage enough strength between bites to slow per down and ask pers name. This was the nymph Kalypso, a truly outgoing creature who should not have been confined to that island.

It took per months to bring me fully back to health, and years more to draw me out of my grieving. In that time we eventually became lovers. Though after I had recovered, phe refused to let me leave Ogygia. I was to remain and fill in the spaces between thoughts and silences.

I could hardly blame per for wanting companionship. I also did not have the will to fight my circumstances. Nevertheless, I did resent being kept. Year in and year out we had our good moments, as well as our bad. Had I been more capable of perspective, I might have cherished how genuinely phe cared for me. Phe may have been clumsy in pers affections, but they came from the heart.

Finally, Hermes fluttered in from Olympos and told Kalypso that phe must let me continue my journey home, which phe graciously did. I realised later that had I been more insistent, phe probably would have let me go perself.

Sadly, after all that time Poseidon continued to hold a grudge against me. So, when I left that sweet island I was overwhelmed by the storm which blew me here. I met with Alkinoos' and Arete's kindly daughter, came to this fair castle and have known nothing but the finest hospitality. Perhaps this is not truly the end of my story, but I believe it may well be the beginning of a happy denouement.


Set Phasers to Stunned Silence.

Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps