*Odysseus' Face*

Lots and Lots of Lots

Next we made landfall on the island of Aiaia. For two days and two nights we stayed close to shore resting from our weary trip. I finally worked up the nerve to hike to the top of a nearby hill and survey the countryside. Like all of the ports we had made so far, the land looked bountiful, beautiful and potentially treacherous. Near the middle of the island I could see wisps of rust coloured smoke from some woodland hall.

I thought about investigating on my own, then chickened out. On the way back to the ships I happened upon a large and fat stag which I shot with my bow. This would help placate my crew, so that they would agree to drawing lots for who would explore the island interior.

After a hearty meal I divided the crew into two groups: one led by myself and one led by my second in command, Eurylokhos. Our names were put into a cap, and I must confess that I considered making both slips out with Eury's name on them, but no such ruse was necessary. Indeed his was the name that was drawn.

We all began weeping at the thought of losing more of our own as we had at the hands of Polyphemos and the Utgard giants. Nevertheless, the selected team prepared themselves and then marched boldly into the woods.


People Can Be Such Pigs.

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