*Odysseus' Face*

The Medium is the Message

As Kirke predicted the west wind did carry us to Hades' dark shores. Though indeed the sun did not rise above the horizon here, a strange light made convoluted trees and hive shaped houses visible. I had a sense that a different sort of light was vibrating through my bones, and that I needed a more spiritual set of eyes in order to truly see the wonders of this landscape. Skirting the shore we soon spotted rising clouds of steam and made for a nearby beach where we set anchor.

With heifer, ewe and assorted items I headed toward a cluster of houses by the river Styx. The cafe was not hard to find, since it had hanging over its lintel a green neon light flashing the words, Metanet Cafe.

The owner swiftly met us at the door as soon as he saw us approaching. "No one gets in," he said, "unless they can prove they have something to trade for their meals." He expectantly held out an upturned palm. I and the two crew members I had with me rummaged through our pockets for the sweet milk, honey, wine and barley. This seemed to satisfy the gentleman and he let us pass inside.

The walls were decorated with black lace curtains. The tables and chairs were made of ebony and chrome, and a single red rose graced the middle of each table. Of the few customers who were there, some definitely seemed more substantial than others. Most were dressed elegantly in chiffons, satins and velvets.

I turned to the owner and asked, "I was under the impression that you would have some sort of medium here that I could consult."

"Yes, of course, there are computer terminals in the private booths, but that will cost you more," he replied.

I signalled one of my people to bring in the heifer which the owner accepted. He then took us behind one of the heavy lace curtains where we were given a small room with a computer. He then told us that he would set up an account for us in just a few moments, my log-in password would be: cyberos.

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