These notes are to assist you in your navigation. If some technicality of the story mystifies you, try here first for an answer.


Every book has its contents page. Odysseus, She may be a cyber-novel, but it is no different. To assist with your quickly finding a particular section, I have created a hypertextual table of contents. Only, since pages can be traversed in any number of ways, the contents could not be set forth in numerical order. Therefore, it is organised by the narrative structure and the narrators within that structure.

So you will note that the sections within Odysseus' story are ordered in a column on the left of the page, and the sections within Telemakhe's story are ordered within a column on the right of the page, until their stories converge at which point the two columns become one.

Within Odysseus' and Telemakhe's stories are several narrators. These form the subsections where you will find list boxes with the names of each individual page. Just drag your mouse over the preferred page and release, then click the submit button for that page to appear. Please note that not all narrators tell a continuous story, some have the narration of other characters embedded within them. Therefore, the contents do not strictly represent the story sequence as it may be read.


Odysseus, She is such a long work that I felt the table of contents was not sufficient to assist you in finding your place, should you read the story over several days. Therefore, a bookmark program was created.

For the bookmark program to work your browser must accept cookies, and support Javascript. This is because the cookies are used to store which page you have last seen, and Javascript is used to display a link to that page from the title page or home page.

Please note that if you clear the cookie jar or if you take on too many cookies, it is possible that you will lose the bookmark. However, as soon as you return to Odysseus, She it will reset the bookmark.


I only use music in a couple of places. The format used is MPEG 1 layer III, for which the file extension ".mp3" is used. Therefore, this work needs to be experienced using an mp3 player as is available from

After the music concludes you may wish to close the box which pops up to play it.

Nested Funnel Program

You may or may not notice while traversing the festivities on Skheria that you are first given a range of links to other pages, and with each followed link you then have only those links not followed left. It does not matter what order you follow those links, you will always be left with those links you have not tried yet.

This is done with a Javascript program in order to simulate the experience of being at such festivities.

New Browser Windows

Upon three specific occasions I cause new browser windows to appear: for music, so that it can be loading while you are still reading the story; for some interactive images; and pages that are outside of Odysseus,She. Please be aware that if you are having a difficult time backing up, it may be that you have more than one browser window open.

Copyright © 1999 Katherine Phelps