*Odysseus' Face*

Depart & Parcel

When Kirke had finished speaking, Dawn blushed to catch us still nestling one another skyclad. Phe dressed me in a fine linen shirt with soft woollen trousers and a silvery cloak, then I left to rouse my crew. We had one last breakfast together. Then, I hastened them to prepare for departure.

At the beach I found that Kirke had left us one fat, flawless, black sheep. However, per coming and going was imperceptible to us. For what deity passes visible to mortal eye without first wishing it so?

I had to inform my people of their destination, at which telling they fell into tears of anguish. They had already known Death on far too personal terms. Regardless, they now had to face Death's very door.

With heavy hearts we launched into what darkness lay ahead.


The Medium is the Message.

Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps