*Odysseus' Face*

People Can Be Such Pigs

Op-slay ime-tay. Op-slay ime-tay.
Ood-fay, orious-glay ood-fay.
Um-yay, um-yay.

Grunt: Pigorian Chant from Snouto Domoinko de Silo
by Sandra Boynton

The yellow cobbled pavement before the lodge was lined on either side with lions, tigers and bears. Yet despite their fiercesome looks and twitching tails, they acted like well-behaved and doting golden labrador retrievers. The team felt nervous gazing into those round animal eyes, just inches away from long sharp teeth.

The wide and ornate portal they found open, and inside they could see the apparently gentle aspect of a demi-deity engaged in textile arts. Phe was distractedly humming to perself in low and beguiling tones while passing a shuttle back and forth in the creation of fine cloth.

The team hesitated at the doorstep, uncertain. Then Polites exclaimed, "Come now, could any scene be more peaceful or welcoming? A well-kept home, a shining artisan filling pers space with harmonies for both eye and ear. We should fulsomely greet this being." So together my people called out to per.

Kirke immediately met them at the door and introduced perself. Phe then ushered them in to join per for a repast. Only Eurylokhos, who feared some sort of trap, stayed behind hidden in the sculpted hedge.

Phe fed them cheese with rye toast and salad. The mead phe offered was made of the finest amber honey, but mixed with herbs of Mikhos Phynn. Soon my people were forgetting home and family. Kirke then grabbed a rod and with pers powerful muscles herded them into a pigsty. To their amazement they had transformed into swine. The slops phe poured into their trough were quite tasty, though.

Eurylokhos, upon witnessing the morphing of his friends to lowly beasts, fled back to the ships to give alarm.


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