*Odysseus' Face*

Pillow Talk

For a year we feasted, and regained our spirits and our strength. One of our crew was familiar with tennis. So, we spent our time first constructing a court, then learning how to play. It proved excellent practice for sharpening our skills in swordplay.

Nevertheless as the seasons wheeled by, one by one my people began feeling the pangs of home calling out to them. A group came to me and asked that I broach the subject with Kirke.

That evening I entered once more into the bed of pleasure. Though Kirke's independent nature caused per to generally prefer solitude, pers passion made per an excellent lover. Phe could lengthen the time I was swept away in rolling climaxes for whole hours. I usually fell quickly asleep afterwards in exhausted bliss. Tonight I insisted that we focus more on cuddling, in order that I might speak with per after a little gentle play.

"Dear Cookie, though we have relished each moment of our stay under your hospitality, day by day my crew and I long ever more for the shores of Ithaka and our families. Would you help us make sail for home?" I said to per as we still lay in each other's arms.

Phe sweetly kissed my hair and after an extra squeeze answered, "I would not keep you a moment longer than you wish. Nevertheless, I shall miss you. I shall even miss that rag-tag bunch of yours. Yet, you must heed my words, you cannot go home from here except by the realms of Death and Persephone. For it is there you must connect with Teiresias of Thebes, a prophet who Persephone granted continuing vision into all time and space even as a ghost."


How to Connect.

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