*Odysseus' Face*

Pushing Off

When I had finished using the Metanet terminal we stayed just long enough to drink a glass of red wine. One of the other customers, Acis, helped to give directions to Thrinakia. He also warned me that we would be passing some sea-nymphs, the Sirens, whose song could drive my crew to their deaths unless I stopped their ears with wax. However, if I wanted to hear the nymphs, then I needed to be bound to the mast with my people given strict orders to ignore me until we are well out of earshot. On our way to the door Ganymede suggested we stay for the rave later that evening, but I wanted to be pushing off immediately.

I gave instructions for setting sail to Thrinakia. Not a word I spoke of my conversation with Teiresias nor the fate that was yet to visit more of my crew. Nevertheless, before we lifted anchor I had cups passed around to everyone filled with some of my best wine. I raised my mug and called out, "To the best damn crew I have ever sailed with. Here's to us making it home, and dying happy and old in our beds."


The Sirens Make a Collect Call.

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