A Murder of Cronies

"Gentlemen," began Antinoos, "I ask you to remember that there are twelve of us from Ithaka, twenty-three of us from Samethere, forty-four of us from Zacynthos and fifty-seven from Dulichium. That makes...one moment...ten plus six, carry the one...one hundred and thirty-six suitors.

"I ask you to remember that before us are two armed women, an unarmed artist and a few semi-armed ancient servants. I also ask you to remember that it looks like all who are aware of Odysseus' return are here in this hall.

"I say we slaughter them and take the kingdom," Antinoos concluded.

The moment gave focus to the suitor's anxiety. The men rushed Odysseus, her family and defenders. In moments they were disarmed. In a few more, one by one they were murdered.

Flesh of their flesh, blood of their blood, the family mingled together in a reddening heap before
King Antinoos.

The End

Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps