Sprung Like a Horse

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.


Helen stood at the foot of the wooden horse thoroughly intoxicated.

She rapped her knuckles upon one hollow leg and called up, "Such a large and potent stallion must be full of seamen. Those Danaans, always horsing around."

Odysseus held her breath within the statue, hoping the queen of Sparta was not giving them away.

"This seems a promising animal," slurred Helen, "If only I could ride it to freedom." She embraced a splintery fetlock and stroked the hasty carving. A few moments later she passed out in a drunken stupour.

When Troy grew silent around them, Odysseus opened the belly of the beast. The soldiers poured out and went straight to work. Most of Troy fell upon Danaan swords. Who was left to mourn this once great people?

Akhaian Priestess: Don't Leave for Home without One.

Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps