Getting Stoned

Poseidon moved across the face of the water. Poseidon gazed upon that boat nearing its harbour of home.

All could see the vessel speeding through the seaway toward shore.

With the silvery palm of pers hand Poseidon struck the ship into stone as well as all of its sailors on-board, struck the ship and gave it a stony pedestal upon which to stand.

People wondered at why the boat would have anchored deep within the harbour. Who could imagine such a divine fate so swiftly visited upon that doomed crew?

Alkinoos hushed the people and called out that it was the fulfillment of his father's prophecy. "Look our ship has come to grief by the harsh hand of the divine. No more will we provide safe conveyance to all those who are cast-away upon Skheria's shore." The Phaiakians made copious offerings to Poseidon before sadly ending an era of great generosity.


Eumaios Well Stay.

Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps