Set Phasers to Stunned Silence

Odysseus finished her tale with a flourish and a bow.

In silence the Phaiakians full attention remained focussed upon the miraculous traveller before them. If this were all a fabrication, it was nevertheless a damn fine yarn. However, looking upon Odysseus' earnest visage and war-scarred body, a glow of truth seemed to surround her words. What to think? What to say?

Before long Alkinoos spoke up, "Friend Odysseus, whatever your Fate has been so far, you shall have nothing but smooth sailing from here on in. Already we have packed for you a chest full of handsome garments, gold and spices. Yet I am sure my companions and co-councillors would more than generously contribute to a further whip round on your behalf."

To these words a hearty "hear, hear" could be heard rumbled throughout the still assembled crowd.

Odysseus could only stand with tears in her eyes, and a raised glass of wine indicating a toast to their grand benificence.


Calling It A Day.

Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps