*Odysseus' Face*

Turn Me Loose

The halls were silent and I could hear the hard beating of my own heart in my ears. My voice trembled only a brief moment as I called out to Kirke. Phe came smoothly to the door like a stalking panther and invited me indoors. Through chambers filled with rare and magnificent objects, such as paintings with flowers that actually turned to an imaginary sun or jars holding the scents of distant memories, we passed until we reached the dining room.

Phe seated me in a tall oaken chair and placed a silver plate filled with choice delicacies before me. In a large golden goblet Kirke poured out yet again that poisonous concoction of honey mead and deadly herbs. Phe smiled at me as I lifted the container to my lips and drank deeply of its sweet contents. I caught pers eyes as I drained the dregs. Phe already had rod in hand and was lifting it to drive me into pers sty when without a word I drew my sword.

In one swift move I sliced Kirke's rod in two, then grabbed per and put blade edge to pers throat. Phe gasped air enough to exclaim, "Madam, what champion from what country are you? I have never met with one who could drink my mead and not succumb to its powers. You must be Odysseus, she who I was told would come from Troy by that divinity who carries a golden caduceus. If you would put away your sword, I would gladly pleasure you upon my bed, so that we might develop mutual feelings, mutual trust, in love and play."

"That certainly sounds like fun, Kirke," I replied, "But I'm not coming anywhere near your bachelor pad until you make some promises. First, I want you to swear by almighty Zeus that you will work no enchantments to my harm, then I expect you to swear that you will return my people to their proper shapes."

Since phe could feel the cool steel of my anachronistic weapon pressing ever harder against per skin and phe seemed strangely roused by my presence, Kirke agreed.



Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps