Learning of Athena Two

Nestor then insisted that Telemakhe and Mentor stay the night in his home with his family. He told them of spare downy beds with fleecy wool rugs. "While I live and breath, how could I let the daughter of my dear friend Odysseus sleep the night on hard deck slats? My own daughter, Thrasymede, has said she is willing to share her room."

Mentor nodded, "Telemakhe should undoubtedly join you. It would be good for her to get a peaceful night's sleep. I am the only experienced crew member on our voyage. The others came out of friendship to help Telemakhe in her quest. Already she is finding her own riches on this journey in such people. I need to rejoin these young people and keep their spirits up. I am glad that you have offered transport, for I can then take my ship to collect a significant debt nearby. Send one of your children with Telemakhe on a car pulled by swift thoroughbreds."

Mentor with a smile turned to leave. In a bright flash of seabird wings Mentor dissolved from sight.

"Holy deities of Olympos," exclaimed Nestor. He grabbed Telemakhe's hand in both of his and looked in awe toward where Mentor had been, then into Telemakhe's eyes. "At your age, and you are already walking with divinities? I have no doubts about your safety nor the quality of your heart. You do know who that was?"

Telemakhe ingenuously shook her head, looking as surprised as Nestor.

"That was your mother's greatest benefactor, Athena perself. We must have more wine for libations and I promise a heifer that has never been yoked or driven will be sacrificed to the deity of wisdom. So little after the fact really, when we had an actual deity in our actual midst!"

Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

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