*Odysseus' Face*

I Yam What I Yam
(and that's all what I yam)

Odysseus looked out over the faces of Phaiakia. Some were proud, some were curious, some were old and others were young. Many faces had the mark of admixture with peoples throughout the known world. They were all turned in interest toward her.

"Friends, this is a glorious evening: a minstrel of skill, playing harp and singing melodiously of myths and sagas; foods the sumptuous likes I have never tasted before; stewards as attendant as Hebe in keeping cups brimming with wine; beautiful summer weather; and a gentle people. Here is the flower of life! It saddens me then to be asked to tell of myself. I hardly know where to begin."

Odysseus stood and took a few steps forward from her seat. She presented herself for all to see, then turned back to king and queen. "I am in fact the daughter of Laertes."

"I am Odysseus."

Setting Off On The Wrong Foot.

Copyright © 1998 Katherine Phelps