The Treebranching Chicks 1bAi
Katherine Phelps Copyright February 1998

The Straw Chick:
The Dynamic Duet

"Cat, cat!" is all the Straw Chick is able to sing out upon arriving at her sister's home. Mind you, it is sung with great feeling and a skilled demonstration of the chick's musical range.

With, albeit scant, forwarning the Stick Chick is able to form a plan and quickly share it with her sister. The two of them stand on the nest opposite from that creeping terror, the cat. Just as he is about to pounce, the Stick Chick gives the signal and the two of them leap from danger.

The cat falls empty pawed into the nest. The Straw Chick pecks at his eyes and the Stick Chick whips out her bamboo katana and stabs him in the heart. When the cat falls to earth his owner is there to mourn his death.

"That should teach you to leave your cat outside where it can harass the native fauna," chirps out the Stick Chick.

As guardian angel you are pleased to know that you have saved not only the Straw Chick, but the Stick Chick as well.