The Treebranching Chicks 2a
Katherine Phelps Copyright February 1998

The Stick Chick:
What is the sound of a one hand clubbing?

The Stick Chick whips out her bamboo katana and waits for the cat to make the first move. He feints with his left paw, only to have it firmly thwacked as it misses the little bird. He more fiercely throws himself into a feint with the right paw, his claws fully extended and lethal like a set of ginsu knives, but the Stick Chick uses the cat's own energy to unbalance him and then roundly thumps his behind, so that the cat falls from the branch.

A surprised owner is met in the head with a plummeting cat. The cat's pride is so wounded that it vows never to go near that tree again.

"That should teach you to leave your cat outside where it can harass the native fauna," chirps out the Stick Chick.

Well done. As guardian angel you are pleased to know that you have helped save the Stick Chick.