The Treebranching Chicks 2bA
Katherine Phelps Copyright February 1998

The Stick Chick:
The way of peace and not pieces

The Stick Chick flies as fast as her wings will carry her to the first sister's new straw home. From her bird's eye view (what else) she could see the cat had changed its strategy and was heading for the Straw Chick's delicate domicile.

Knowing her sister, who she always lovingly accepted as a ditz, the Straw Chick was probably totally unprepared for meeting with a cat. I mean, what was she likely to do, brandish a few limp pieces of straw at the beast?

Rather than panicking her sister by explaining, the Stick Chick swoops down and grabs the gold hairclippy from the Straw Chick's head and flies off.

"Hey, come back with that," cries out the Straw Chick and gives chase just as the cat pounces, thus saving her life.

The two then travel to a new tree where cats are unknown. Together they build a new home. The Stick Chick building it strong and the Straw Chick making it beautiful and harmonious.

In time they find a spiritual bonding between them that they never knew before, one that would transcend time and space forming the core of many enduring artistic works by themselves and others.

You, as a guardian angel, are a true adept. Give yourself a pat on the back.