The Treebranching Chicks 2bB
Katherine Phelps Copyright February 1998

The Stick Chick:
Mind if I drop in?

The Stick Chick flies as fast as her wings will carry her to the third sister's new brick home.

"Cat, cat!" warns the Stick Chick, since from her bird's eye view (what else) she sees the cat changing course to the Brick Chick's house.

"That's all right. Come on in. My home is made of solid brick and has one of the most advanced security systems money can buy," says the Brick Chick.

So the Stick Chick swoops through the door to apparent safety.

CRACK! The sound of doom. The branch was already creaking and straining from the weight of a brick bird's nest, and now with the extra burden of a buff little bird, it snaps in two. A very surprised cat has two birds served to it pureed and in the shell.

With great relish the cat yums up what is left of the Stick and Brick Chicks. In fact it makes such a pig of itself that later it is incapable of moving when a wolf wanders by and gets eaten itself.

That's it, turn in your license. It's back to guardian angel school for you.