The Treebranching Chicks 3a
Katherine Phelps Copyright February 1998

The Brick Chick:
Thick as two bricks.

The Brick Chick is alerted with flashing red lights and loud jarring claxons that a cat has indeed crept into the outer edge of the No Pounce Zone. Gleefully she rushes to the command center in order to watch the fun. She throws on a CD with a rousing rendition of the Flight of the Valkyries which vibrates the whole tree, in order to heighten the drama of the moment.

The cat pounces onto the limb where the brick house lay. CRACK! The sound of doom. The branch was already creaking and straining from the weight of a brick bird's nest, and now with the extra burden of the ferocious feline, it snaps in two. Cat and bird go plummeting to their death leaving behind nothing more than a combined mess of red gelatinous goo coating a jumble of bricks.

Gentle reader, what in heaven's name were you thinking? Let's see if you can do better