The Wolf Does a Sleep Over

Chief Moonbeam was certainly concerned by this series of events. He didn't like seeing his friends, the three little piggies, hurt and he wanted to do something about it. It seemed to him there was a pattern to these acts of burglary.

First, alot of huffing and puffing had been going on with two of the piggies homes blown into. Second, a number of items you would normally expect burglars to make off with had been completely ignored. Finally, the wolf had a list of very peculiar items that had been taken:

Chief Moonbeam rolled the list around in his mind hoping some sort of connections would be made. He could sense an answer just at the tip of his brain, but couldn't quite get it to materialise. It was one of those occasions where you might wish to sneeze your brains out, take a quick look in your handkerchief to see if that brought any more enlightenment, then stuff them back in through your ears.

He had a feeling that this wasn't going to be the last he would see of the burglars. Zoe's house hadn't been broken into yet. Chief Moonbeam decided to stay the night at her place. So, he packed himself a light dinner, a couple of field mice from Bunny Fufu's Charcuterie, a toothbrush and (shush, this is a secret) Doompah, his teddy bear.

That evening Chief Moonbeam felt rather apprehensive. Well, all right, he was just plain scared. He put on Zoe's housecoat and nightcap, since it was cooler than he had expected. He then fixed himself a cup of cocoa, took a gingerbread man from the cookie jar and with Doompah tucked under one arm made his way to bed.

As soon as he had pulled the blankets up to his chinny-chin-chin, he heard a noise. Chief Moonbeam leapt out of bed to investigate.

Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps