Don't Love Ya Cause Your Feet's Too Small

Chief Moonbeam tracked the footprints into the Forest. He kept a keen eye out in case one of the villains was hanging about in the trees. He loved the forest, the warm loam under his pads, the cathedral like arch of the pines overhead, the smell of needles and crushed leaves and the sound of a lone bird in the distance. The forest is a place of great beauty, but it can also hold many hidden dangers.

Before long the prints led him to a hole in the ground. The wolf crouched down to peer into its recesses. At that moment a solitary ray of sunlight beamed through the forest canopy and onto the hole. His eyes were dazzled by the sparkling contents hidden away in this space. That was the pattern. The thieves were after shiny things.

Copyright May 1996 Katherine Phelps