Moving In

"Well hello, madam. Thank you so much for inviting me here today," said Dennis Hogge as he swept through Mrs. Wolfe's door. For such a large man he had a spry bounce to his step. Mrs. Wolfe directed him to her couch.

"Why look at this, isn't this sweet," exclaimed Dennis picking up one of her porcelain decorations from the coffee table, "My mother collects Hummels too. I should get this for myself, but I think I would like a little boy stirring a bowl of something good instead of the girl."

"I am so glad you like it," said Mrs. Wolfe, "Hummels aren't very hard to get, but not many would recognise them right off these days. Before we get started would you like a cup of tea?"

"I've never been known to turn one down. I like mine white with three sugars. Thank you," said Dennis as he settled into his place.

Mrs. Wolfe bustled into the kitchen to fix the tea. While pouring water into the kettle she called out, "The flat you have chosen is the more expensive of the two I am letting in the house, but it does have a larger kitchen and living room.

"The expense is no problem. I am working at La Restaurant at the Sofitel and get paid very well as the chef. No, I was mostly concerned about how close it is to work and the quality of your kitchen, and let me tell you I am impressed. Not many people would put in a proper stainless steel stove for a rental property, and the extra preparation space is a dream."

"Oh that," said Mrs. Wolfe blushing a little at the compliment, "Every time I have bought cheap equipment for anything, it has resulted in more cost from repair and generally more trouble from the word go, that I don't bother with substandard gear anymore. Also, I like a nice kitchen and figure that others would appreciate a nice kitchen as well."

"You are certainly wise, madam."

Mrs. Wolfe returned to the room with tea and dark chocolate TimTams.

"Remind me to bring you some fresh made biscuits some time," said Dennis still accepting one of the TimTams.

"Well, Mr. Hogge, if you are interested in the flat. It is yours," said Mrs. Wolfe.

Dennis grinned from ear to ear.


Pigs in the City
Copyright © 1999 Katherine Phelps
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