Settling In

The bedsit was small and Sue had a lot of books and CDs she wanted to move into the space. They were stacked up against the wall and under her bed. Nevertheless, she was in love with having her own apartment. Her first year at uni she commuted from her parent's house. The next year she convinced them to let her move out into a shared household closer to school. This year her space was her own.

Sue had a part time job with a music shop and could afford, to a certain extent, to be independent. Apparently free of all rules and constraints, she lived as she chose in the converted garage: only washing dishes as needed, leaving clothes both clean and dirty scattered across the floor. Food dropped on the rug tended to stay there unvacced until it either hardened or turned green. Though she wasn't interested in doing the cleaning, Sue found she didn't enjoy the sight or smell of a filthy carpet. So, she purchased some straw and laid it over the accumulating scraps.

Eventually, Sue found she didn't enjoy being alone all that much either. She invited her boyfriend Boris (not his real name) to move in and share the rent. Together they lived happy, if physically dirty, lives.


Pigs in the City
Copyright © 1999 Katherine Phelps
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