People have specific feelings and beliefs about computers which will colour how they perceive the stories found there. How a computer functions, as discussed earlier, can also colour people's experience as they use it. With these points in mind the computer may be the correct medium for clearly and uniquely expressing certain themes. Therefore, not only can theme help to bring a story together so that it can be told in ways uniquely facilitated by the computer, the fact that the computer is the chosen medium can become a thematic choice in its own right.

Computers seem to make many meanings possible and available, this does not necessarily negate the need for us to construct meaning for one another through a theme. An audience is no less desirous of finding meaning when they experience a story on the computer, than when they are using other media such as books or film. Coming to grips with what theme is, what aspects of theme are useful to computer based storytelling, and what themes are best expressed through the computer can only help to draw an audience in and expand their understanding of the world in our information age.