Glass Wings Arcade

At first you see everything through a white mist as you appear at the entrance to the Glass Wings Arcade. In a few moments amorphous shapes resolve themselves into brightly coloured tents, wooden stands and carts bedizened with sweet smelling flowers. They line a road meandering like a loose silver thread through the valley. You hear the musical banter of merchants calling out the wonders of their wares.


The first thing to catch your eye is a tall building with a brightly illumiated marquee flashing away gaily. This is clearly an entertainment palace that celebrates the world of moving pictures.

PolyEster Records & Books

A wild and triumphant cacophany blares onto the streets from this brightly coloured shop. Inside and out the shop is painted in dizzying psychedelia. Your curiosity gets the better of you as you wonder what strange and hip offerings are likely to be offered inside.

Myers Gourmet Popcorn

From under a bright red awning the scents of caramel and hot melted cheese mix with those of freshly popped popcorn. Your mouth waters. The owner cheerfully waves to you and beckons you to examine his goods. You have come to the storefront of Myers Gourmet Popcorn.

Geonomic Services

Change for a healthier happier tomorrow must go right through all human activities. Geonomics reflects a desire to create a system of green economics.

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