Your Flight Attendants

Katherine Phelps (Muse)

The mad creative spirit who committed this atrocity together with Xanni. She has been the owner of her own publishing company for five years and a professional writer for well over ten. Her background is diverse and peculiar. Her mother was an art teacher, so she grew up learning intimately about the relationship between paint and canvas. She modelled for over seven years for a Finnish artist and upon occasion is still inspired to model for the Victorian Artists Society. For most of her young life she took ballet lessons until it became obvious that she was going to be too tall for classical dance, so she switched to opera. Amazingly, she did quite well and even received a scholarship to study with a soloist from the San Francisco Opera. However, her constant love remained writing and in June 1985 she received a bachelors in literature with creative writing emphasis and departmental and college honors from the University of Washington. In 1988 she received an MFA in creative writing, also from the University of Washington. Her book Surf's Up: Internet Australian Style was published by Reed Books in April 1995.

Katherine is a neo-phile, fringe-phile, xenophile, creative artist, philosopher and aspires someday to becoming a Discordian saint. She absolutely adores animation, puppetry and humor which is why she runs the successful Gummi Bear Fan Club. She is known to hang out at the Chinese Cinema and has a weakness for vegetarian sushi. Her favourite colour is usually blue, but likes wearing psychedelics. She plans on making lots of money by having the most fun possible.

Andrew Pam (Xanni)

Andrew first discovered an interest in boolean logic when his mother carried him in her arms at just the right height to reach light switches as they passed through doorways. He was lucky enough to go to a school with an obsolete PDP/8e: switches, lights, core memory, paper tape, punched cards and all. He first started programming on a TRS-80 model 1 level I and the first computer he owned was a Commodore VIC-20. Since then he's had a go at nearly everything in the micro field and has been a professional computer consultant under the name of Serious Cybernetics for over a decade, getting his first job even before leaving high school. He ran a FidoNet BBS for seven years and has recently been heavily involved in the Internet.

Andrew is a neo-phile, fringe-phile, xenophile subculture junkie with delusions of being an incarnation of Monkey. He is co-founder of the Gummi Bear Fan Club and has been known to publish a fanzine on at least three occasions. His favourite colour is grey - no, no, blue! Aaaarrgghhhhh.....

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